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The 6 Best Hair Brushes

The 6 Best Hair Brushes

Today, finding a great hair brush is easier than when I first became a professional hair stylist. We need to look at some of the elements that make up the best hair brushes and from there we can isolate the top 6.

First and foremost I need to go with quality construction. I know for hair brushes this may be a funny place to start, but after almost three decades of working with brushes nothing is more frustrating than finding a brush you like only to have it fall apart three weeks later. Remember this when you are comparing prices. Hair brushes that look good do not mean they will hold up well. The best brushes hold up over time.

Second, Ergonomics. Will it feel good in your hand when you are doing your hair? Often we pick up the brush and it feels good only to find out later that when we actually start using the hair brush, it is hard to get it to do what we need or want. The best hair brushes have great handles that can be moved easily when styling hair. Not too skinny, not slippery when there is product on your hands, and long enough that you will not burn your hand with the dryer.

Gentle on the hair. Of course, the best hair brushes also need to be very gentle on hair. For this we love boar bristle tufts in our hair brushes because of the shine it leaves and its natural gentleness on the cuticle of the hair. Great for all hair types and perfect for distributing the natural oils in the hair and scalp. Nylon has its proper place though, so there are times when you may need a nylon bristle brush and we will look at those as well.

Price. When you are looking for something and asking for the best then forget about price. A great hairbrush can last for years, so calculate that into the value.

Also, you are going to need several styles because they do different things. So here are some great choices for every woman’s basket.


Here is the list of the 6 Best Hair Brushes:

Denman Paddle: This is the must have hair brush for detangling after showering. The cushioned pad has the right amount of flexibility because wet hair can stretch up to 30% so you really do not want to tug on it. Start from the bottom and work your way up. I also love this brush for the scalp therapy it offers. The cushion feels great and really stimulates the blood flow of the scalp, loosening up dry skin and getting the circulation going for a healthy scalp.
Mason Pearson: mixed bristle medium to large paddle brush. This is the BEST brush ever on dry hair in order to maintain the health of your hair. If it were German it would be a Porsche, there is no substitute. Other companies always try to copy this brush and compete by lowering the price slightly. when you realy compare the quality and construction you will know why this brush is the pinacle of hair brush couture. If you are into variety, avoid this brush because when you take care of them they will last for years (even decades).
Marilyn Tuxedo Pro: For getting hair tame there are only two hair brush choices, the one for fine to medium hair is the Marilyn Tuxedo Pro. We have sold thousands of these amazing hair brushes and just love them. The quality is there and the results with the concave center is genius. They are great for damp hair and a must for drying the hair before you tame it with a flat iron or curling iron. Getting the cuticle down first will help more then any protecting spray you can purchase.
Marilyn Futuro: This is the right choice for medium to coarse hair, the bristles are different on these two brushes and a lot of research has gone into the perfect combination so make sure you are getting the right one for your hair type. If you are used to using the wrong type of brush in your hair it will feel completely different, but once you are used to it you will love it. Do not place the nozzle of your blow dryer directly on the bristles of any brush or you will ruin the brush and quite possibly the dryer.

Boar bristle round brushes require more wrist strength to work the hair. Damp hair will have a tendency to feel “hung up” and you will need to make sure you maintain the tension.

A great hair brush is the first step, and no matter how hot you get a straight iron you can always tell the difference between finished hair.

The boar bristle tufts create a distinct and healthy sheen to the hair as well as closing the cuticle and protecting the hair from damage.

Denman Head Hugger: These brushes are great for fine to medium hair that you are looking to create volume. They are just made great and feel amazing in your hands and on your head. These Denman Brushes were designed right from the beginning. How I love to use them is very similar to hot rollers with handles, I heat the brush up and spin it into place allowing the tension to hold it on he head. I then take a new brush while the original is cooling and work on a separate section of the head. SO COOL, the results are very sexy, loose, volume waves. Once you get the hang of the three brush system you will never want to use hot rollers again.
Philips Tease 2: This brush is a stylists dream and great for ANYONE using a flat iron to straighten their hair. The boar and nylon mixture is just enough to work product or the natural oils through the hair. The Phillips Tease 2 hair brush also has a pointed handle which is PERFECT for creating sections while you are ironing your hair. This is easily one of the best all around little hair brushes I have ever worked with. A must have. The caveat of course is that when you need that little pump of tease in the crown this is the simplest and least destructive way to create it and smooth the outside.