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Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Obliphica Oil Treatment



Works Very Well

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good



About the Company

Amika lives up to it's name and truly is a girls best friend. Healthy, Easy, Stylish Hair. Women at home are now able to have salon-quality hair for a fraction of the time and without the damage of conventional hair styling methods.

What is it supposed to DO?

Restores hairs natural moisture and balance, enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil and Vitamin C. The Oil Treatment nourishes and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz. The treatment deeply conditions and restores shine.

How important is scent?

Light fragrant scent,fresh clean with a light undertone of uniqueness, it dissipates easily, will not interfere with other scents as it simply and slowly gets lighter and lighter.

How does the product feel when you use it?

We loved that this was a simple product to use, it felt great not to thick. Very easy to work with using your hands and evenly dispersing through your hair. Even as a oil it did not feel "Oily" but rather more botanical in its nature. Overall felt great to work with.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

Love the box, colorful and cool. Amber color packaging had a slight apothecary feel to it. What we really liked is that the dispensing mechanism (what allows the oil to come out fast or slow) worked great. A few light shakes brings out the product a drop or two at a time.

We put it through the paces!

Obliphica Oil Treatment was fun to play with, we worked it through hair using the Hot Pink Cheetah Ceramic Iron which we also reviewed. Worked great with the iron, just the right amount of slip, great deal of shine. What we liked is that the hair felt great, looked healthy and was certainly in better condition. The key is that we had several stylists work with it on two types of hair, fine/normal (not to fine but finer then normal hair. On this hair type we loved it, did not require a lot of product and performed well.

On course hair we were able to use a bit more and work in with both types of irons we were testing, again the product performed well, allowed curls and straight styles. It was very hard to overuse the oil as the consistency of the formula worked well.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

We like adding a touch of oil to damp (fresh water) hair before going into the pool , found that it allowed cleansing easier and seemed to place a bit of barrier between the elements and the hair.

We also liked working the product through damp hair (705 dried) and then finish the styling form this point, plenty of brushing and a bit of flat iron allowed the hair to look amazing and the product to be worked through the entire shaft.

Products you will need to complete the experience

This product can easily be added to your collection as a stand alone. By adding the Balancing Shampoo and the nourishing mask you can really create that Spa experience for your hair.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

AS oils are becoming popular this one works well. It does contain some of the popular Argan oil as well so you really are getting the best of both worlds here.