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Best Brush for Your Hair Type

The Right Brush For Your Hair Type

Sometimes, people going to buy a hairbrush find it rather daunting when confronted with the wide array of brushes that are available. Knowing what types of brushes are available will make it a lot easier to decide which is the best brush for your hair type.

Brushes come with natural and synthetic bristles, and while many think that if it is natural it has got to be the best there is, this is not always necessarily true. Natural bristles are really great for controlling hair that generates a lot of static electricity, and there are some people who simply prefer the feel of natural bristles against their scalp. However, Many hair stylists go for brushes with synthetic or plastic bristles for various reasons. Apart from the fact that they are a lot cheaper and easier to clean, they are also found to be less likely to pull and tear the hair.

As far as brush styles go, it all depends on your hair type, length, and what style you are going for, which is the best brush for your hair type If you have fine or thinning hair, then the cushion brush is the one you should opt for. The brushes have a soft rubber panel that holds the bristles, are really gentle on the hair and scalp, and are perfect for brushing out roller sets. For people with really thick hair, a cushion brush, with nylon ball-tipped bristles is excellent for taming your hair as well.

Then there are paddle brushes that are flat and wide, and are great for smoothing, and adding body and shine to medium to long hair. Paddle brushes, because of their shape, are not recommended for use on very curly or short hair. Hot air brushes add wave, body, and volume to your hair. Those with the smaller barrels will shape and curl shorter or straighter hair, while those with the larger barrel will smooth and straighten longer hair.

Round brushes have 360-degree bristles, and are used to style the hair during blow-drying. According to the length and style of your hair, there are small, medium, large, and jumbo sizes to choose from. Short hair or hair with tighter curls will use the small brush, shoulder length hair will need a medium to large size, and the jumbo size will smooth or straighten longer hair. The trick to avoid tangles when using these brushes is to not wind the hair too tightly around the brush.

Styling brushes are for smoothing and shaping the hair, and work best with long to medium hair. They usually have six to nine rows of bristles, and are perfect for taming thick and curly hair, and will add volume to thinner hair while drying.

Vented brushes have wide set bristles as well as holes in the base of the brush to allow air to circulate around the hair during drying, and will smooth, shape, and add volume to the hair as well. The vents in the brush also reduce drying time. Vented brushes work great with medium and long hair, but not for very short or curly hair.

Whether you are the adventurous type, or one of those who prefer to stick to a classic style, there is definitely a hairbrush out there that is best for your hair type.