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Body at Midnight a Collection by Jason Kearns

Body at Midnight a Collection by Jason Kearns

It is not everyday that we get to see art as it is released. It is not everyday that we are able to share things that are inspired by our lives only to find them re-inspiring us. Jason Kearns is perhaps one of the most inspiring hair stylist of the last 25 years. Incredibly successful as a salon owner, artistic director, creator and artist in the truest sense of the ideal. Jason's latest collection is flawless, provocative and sensual by what is done with hair rather then manipulated by what is available in technology. After speaking with Jason I chose to steal this quote from his own website or you can find Jason and his team preparing their next photo shoot at his salon (


“Like fashion designers, I conceptualize a photo shoot based on how I want a woman to look…the way I see her mood …how I read her emotions,” Jason explains. “It’s the same sort of approach that I take when doing hair in my salon. When a new client first walks through the door, I observe how she carries herself, her height and size. I notice her dress and ask as many personal questions as I can without getting too personal. Balancing these internal and external factors helps me understand which direction I should explore with her hair, and how far I can push the envelope in terms of style.”


Overall there are view things I feel I have left to do in this industry, to be on the set with Jason Kearns is one of them. The "Body at Midnight Collection" is perhaps one of the strongest collections to be released by an artist in the last decade. It touches on not only what is felt but what is real. There is a sensuousness to each picture that must be felt by the model, she must 'feel' sexy during the photo shoot and she must feel comfortable with her hair. It is the perfect blend of editorial and commercial, and I mean commercial ONLY in the sense that these are looks to be worn immediately. We are blessed to share this collection with you and to have such passionate artists influencing fashion. Each photo links to a full size photo with a complete list of credits.


Jason Kearns
Jason Kearns
Hanoch Drori
Ivana Musura
Richard Dubois
Jerri Johnson
La Coupe Volume Range