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Conditioner for Auburn Hair

Conditioner for auburn hair

Here is the reality of the auburn situation, without proper maintenance it will fade to brown quickly. Your beautiful auburn hair will need great products that are designed for not only color treated hair, but for auburn colored hair. The challenge here is that the artificial red pigment is not actually in the hair. What is contained in the hair are only two types of pigment that give us a full color spectrum. These pigments are in the form of melanin. The two main forms are eumelanin, which are the brown black colors that the eye sees in natural hair color, and pheomelanin, which are the yellow shades seen in natural hair color.

Here is the challenge that major manufacturers have experienced for years in natural hair, the first pigment to come out when being colored is eumelanin. Awesome when going red, horrible when you want to go one shade lighter without any warm tones coming through. This is the opposite challenge in artificial color because the red pigment is the smallest and washes out the fastest. In order for the pigment to be placed in the hair, we first must open the cuticle of the hair, which once opened will never fully close. The paradox begins! So what does this mean to you? What it means is that after the cleansing process we must shut down the cuticle as tight as possible and leave a little red or auburn pigment behind. This is because, even during the cleansing process, some has possibly been removed.

We worked with the following products for years and it gave great consistent results without changing your hair color formula drastically.


Bumble and Bumble Color Conditioner

  • Keep the warm glow of summery tones golden - this low pH, extra-mild formula avoids stripping, neutralizes oxidation, smoothes the cuticle & subtly enhances color.
  • Help orange and blue-based hues stay true with this lightweight yet thorough moisturizer.
  • Keep spicy highlights & woody tones from cooling - this lightweight yet thorough moisturizer detangles, shines, softens and gently maintains the tone you're after.
  • Avoid using any other shampoos, besides Color Support Shampoo, before using Color Support Conditioner, as they may leave a barrier that will render color-enhancing properties ineffective.