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Denman Medium Boar Bristle Cushion Oval Brush Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Denman Medium Boar Bristle Cushion Oval Brush



Works Great

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good


Boar Bristle

Center of Brush

Cushioned Center

Handle Construction

Solid construction, plastic, light with a very smooth finish.

Handle Fit and Feel

The handle really fits the hand well, simple to use whether your brushing out the hair for grooming or styling it with a hair dryer. it is not bulky and they have achieved a great balance within the brush.


Great Value

About the Company

The Denman brand was established in 1938 with its head office based in Northern Ireland UK. Through the years Denman has become known as the “hairdressers’ hairbrush” & the professional’s choice with endorsements from many premier stylists. Our product range includes our Classic Styling range, which was used by Vidal Sassoon in his hair revolution of the 1960’s, through to ThermoCeramic brushes, paddle, curling, grooming brushes & many more.

What is it supposed to DO?

Medium cushion brush with natural bristle. Natural 100% boar bristle is perfect for smoothing, polishing, and adding condition and shine to the hair. The lightweight, perfectly balanced handle provides excellent grip and control.

How does the product feel when you use it?

When you are using this brush it feels amazing on the scalp and working through the hair. The cushion is not to soft so there is just enough tension to separate or smooth the hair without allowing it hang up on the hair and pull out any work.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

Denman has really made sure that the brush is presented properly. Great boxing for protection of the bristles during shipping.

We put it through the paces!

Denman Medium Boar Bristle Cushion Oval Brush is awesome, it is very often compared to another UK brand and quite honestly we prefer the Denman overall.There is no doubt that this brush is of the highest quality available. It performed flawlessly when we were working with it. Our Finishing work was incredibly simple and 'very clean'. We loved how it felt in our hands and people loved how it felt on their scalp.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

This brush is a standard that everyone should have, they can easily last for years and years taken care of properly. What we love is that this brush is as important to a healthy scalp and healthy hair as it is to great styling. Brushing your every evening thoroughly will help the condition of your hair by working the natural oils throughout the strand. You will have greater elasticity and shine.

When styling use the curve of the brush towards the ends, lightly cool and you will see that slight turn in the hair your looking for.

Overall the results with this are classic and now trendy. by Brushing the hair from root to end you can get smoothness towards the top and expansive curls towards the ends.

Products you will need to complete the experience

We used this brush in conjunction with the Head Hugger series as well as the Squaronomics.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

You need this type of brush in your collection whether your a professional or consumer. It is quite clearly the most important brush you will ever own and will never go out of style. Your scalp and your hairs health will change dramatically.


We love this Brush

You need this brush in your collection ....

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