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Fine Hair

Fine Hair

"Fine hair" is describing the diameter of the hair, not the density of hair (the amount per square inch would be considered sparse hair, not fine. Fine hair has the smallest circumference of all the hair types. Fine hair can be so soft and silky because it has the most compact cuticle. Fine hair is apparent in all colors but generally loves blond. Unless it has been chemically altered to damage the cuticle, fine hair reflects light the best of the three textures. Healthy, fine hair has a great shine. Fine hair generally has a much thinner cortex than other hair textures and generally does not contain the inner medulla like other hair textures. Usually only the cortex and cuticle are present in fine hair which adds to it fragility.

PROS: Looks great and feels incredible, very shiny and soft.

CONS: When it is healthy it is really hard to get fine hair to do anything. I know that if you have fine hair you already know this, but that is what it is.

THE FIX: Chemical treatment of color will expand the cuticle layer of the hair as well as open it up slightly. Highlights are the general choice but they will not get all of the hair just part of it, so color rules. A body wave rocks and rolls, but must be done by someone who is still doing them consistently, as they have fallen from grace over the last 15 years. Not many people specialize in the process. Every six months, get a light body wave and some highlights in between and WOW. But wait, there is always more, texturizing with a razor is awesome for fine hair, when the stylist really knows what they are doing. Unlike scissors, razors slice on a slight angle across the hair. This create a bit of texture in the hair itself and the slight irregularity of the cut, with a touch of the weight removed on the inside or through the ends is magical.

PRODUCTS: Here less is more. We condition hair to heal it and get some of the shine and strength back into your hair in order to protect it from the elements when the cuticle has been opened chemically and will not close. But, fine hair has a very compact cuticle and no medulla, with a smaller cortex. What this means is, the more stuff you put on it the less it will do. LESS IS MORE! Condition once a week or every 7 shampoos with something really light and protein based for texture. Moisture will have too much weight, so do not plan on going out if you moisturized fine hair.