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Giving Back

Communities Helping Communities

Nothing is more important than getting people involved and participating in the growth and health of what is important. After almost 30 years in the fashion and entertainment industry, I have personally witnessed and participated in raising awareness and creating funding and resources for many great causes.

Some of these you may have heard of, and others have been created to fufill  a momentary need. What I have learned is that there are no people on earth as generous and willing to participate as artists.

If you have a cause that is worthwhile and are looking to have people locally, nationally and internationally get involved to help make a difference, we want to know. Of course, it must have something to do with our industry. By involving us directly, your cause will be shared and promoted throughout the world.

There is never a cause too small and the slightest bit of love and energy can make the biggest changes and differences. I challenge our community to be as daring in the endevor of sharing as we have been in the persuit of our own careers. We are in the best position to make the largest and fastest impact within our global community. is committed to this process and we encourage your passion and support. Together we can all make a difference one shiny penny at a time. Below are some of the people we are currently working with to create greater awareness.