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by Stephanie Raeburn Senior Beauty Editor

As Senior Beauty Editor at Let’s Talk About Your Hair I have the privilege to meet and collaborate with inspiring people and share their stories.  It has been my experience that everyone has a “story” … what we take from it and how we integrate it into our experience is the beauty… I am truly honored to share these amazing “stories” and it has been their gift to me to have been able to share them with you.   The amount of passion and compassion within our industry is overwhelmingly amazing and to capture it all would be an impossible task as the true nature of people is to give and therefore the “stories” will always be here for us to share.

The universe is a funny place, it is simple and clear but many of us do not allow ourselves to enjoy as much of the abundance as is available to us…  Give everyday even if it is as simple as a smile. Peter Anthony


 Tim Telles, owner of Tribeca A Destination Salon in Aliso Viejo, CA.  has been heading up a volunteer effort to help the women and men of the Village of Hope Homeless Shelter of Tustin, CA. The Village of Hope has a 4 chair salon that services the 200 men, women and children who live at Village of Hope by organizing volunteers to give haircuts, hair color and new hairstyles.  His desire is to have the salon open three days a week and is committed to actively recruiting other stylists to volunteer.  The salon carries haircolor, developers and backbar products as part of their services.  Tribeca Salon is also collecting unwrapped toys and food for the kids at The village of Hope 2012

He states: “They are so thankful for the services we provide. Some have not had a cut or color in a long time. I had a client who lost everything to alcohol and a young girl with a baby who had no support. These people could be your next-door neighbor…Time to give back.” – Tribeca A Destination Salon


For more than 50 years, Kenra has been formulating and producing hair care products using only the finest ingredients. Kenra is a privately held company, and we take great pride in our approach to doing business. While we are constantly moving our research and development into the future and working to discover innovative ingredients and results, our approach to doing business has not changed: We provide personalized support to our customers, we treat every customer with the highest regard, we create and formulate high performance hair care products, and we execute programs for salons that build customer loyalty.

Kenra Professional has partnered with The Rapunzel Project®, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients keeps their hair during chemotherapy. The Rapunzel Project is very personal to its founders, Shirley and Nancy both breast cancer survivors.  After being diagnosed with cancer Shirley soon learned of cold cap therapy.  After research and connecting with Frank Fronda; scientist who invented one type of cold cap and Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis; whom partnered with Nancy and Shirley to receive donations and eventually purchase the special freezer required for the cold caps this amazing cold cap was made available to other cancer patients and creation of the Rapunzel Project.   

“We are committed to supporting their goals to raise awareness of the existence and efficacy of the cold cap method for preserving hair during chemotherapy and to raising funds to purchase biomedical freezers for oncology facilities.  Kenra Professional has donated $50,000 and has a commitment to raising an additional $250,000 on behalf of our Kenra distributors, vendors, salons and clients.”     


Winn Claybaugh is the author of Be Nice (Or Else!) and "one of the best motivational speakers in the country," according to CNN's Larry King, who wrote the foreword for the book. A business owner for over 28 years with over 15,000 people in his organization, Winn is the founder and co-owner of hair care giant Paul Mitchell's school division, with more than 95 locations throughout the United States. From 2004 to 20011, Winn and the Paul Mitchell Schools raised over $6 million for multiple charitable organizations, including the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, Morris Animal Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Food 4 Africa, hurricane relief, AIDS causes, breast cancer causes, City of Hope, the American Cancer Society, and more.

“In the nine-year existence of the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation and our eight years of FUNraising, every dollar raised has gone directly to the charities. We have no overhead: no salaries, no rent, and no utilities. Our accountants, attorneys, and board of directors all donate their time. Even the money raised through Magic of Memories Dinner tickets goes directly to the charities, thanks to our generous sponsors who cover the costs. Most important, our FUNraising expenses are little to none: the cost incurred in raising the $6 million has been just $107,255—an amazingly low 1.78%, compared to the national average of 25%. In other words, we don’t spend $100 trying to raise $200!”

–       Winn Claybaugh, Dean and Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools


Imagine you come across 50 people during the day -- strangers in the parking lot, bank tellers, waitresses, people you pass in traffic, etc. Look at each of those relationships as a "pass or fail" exercise. You pass when you smile, say "have a nice day," or try to make someone's day. You fail when you do nothing at all - or make the person's day worse. If you want better relationships at home, practice all day with strangers! – Be Nice Or Else facebook fanpage 12-13-2011 post 


 It is evident that philanthropy moves through this well-established New Jersey salon and spa.  A recipient of numerous National and State Hairstyling Awards, Vito Mazza Salon & Spa has been honored numerous times by HRS (Hair Restoration Systems) with the Designer of the Year Award,     sited as the Best Salon and Day Spa in Central New Jersey and an Intercoiffure Member.


“It is one of the core values of our salon and we feel strongly about our efforts to help the community as well as national causes.  We are a family business started by our dad, 44 years ago. We have grown, and our company currently employs 77 team  members, who feel the way we do about charitable efforts and inspire us every day. “- Ann Mazza

Annual holiday shopping event held in Vito Mazza Salon & Spa donated one dollar of every gift card sold to Make- A -Wish Foundation. Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work.

$3600 raised

“Be Inspired. Be Beautiful Fashion Show” held at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel. Over 450 tickets sold. Event showcasing the talents of 77 employees, as well as makeovers of select well deserving community members.  The event benefited a program called LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, which helps Cancer survivors get back to health, with exercise and support groups. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a twelve-week, small group program designed for adult cancer survivors.

$3000 raised

“Here’s to the Girls” held in Vito Mazza Salon & Spa.  A select group of professional women come to network and promote their own businesses, receive mini-services, eat, drink, and listen to live music.  30 tickets sold.  Event benefited Making Strides Against Breast Cancer; American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk unites communities to celebrate people who have battled breast cancer, educate people about ways to reduce their risk, and empower communities to join the fight.

$1000 Raised


As owner and Artistic Director of Sherri Jessee Salon in Bristol, VA, and part of the Rusk Creative Team, I have been very blessed and consider it essential to give back to the community. Quite often I am asked to donate gift baskets of products and tools that are used in silent auctions at charity fundraisers.  I have participated as a celebrity stylist in numerous Susan G Komen fundraisers and also styled Nancy O'Dell's hair in the past for her to host such charity fundraisers as the MDA Telethon and Nashville Rising.  I also do many TV spots, including a segment today for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The beauty industry has been very good to me.  I love my job as a salon owner, editorial stylist, and platform artist.  Truly believing that "To much is given, much is required,"  I have made it a mission to inspire others to both personal and professional growth, thereby improving the lives of all those surrounding. – Sherri Jessee

Denise Marie for Hair at Hairlines; New Smyrna Beach, FL

We were lucky. Twenty-one yeas ago our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery. However she also has a blood disorder, which would not allow any other therapy. No chemo, no radiation. We were very lucky. Indeed she is alive and well at 80, vibrant, healthy and active!  And we are thankful.

In 2004 the Susan G Komen Foundation and BMW motorcycles sponsored a cross-country ride "Pony Express, Ride for the Cure". Being a BMW motorcycle owner I was naturally drawn to this event.  I was able to raise $1000 and earned the privilege of carrying a medal to the next leg of the relay.

The ceremonies left no dry eyes, I was so moved this event was the beginning of my addiction to future charity work.

In October 2010 I staged a "Cut for the Cure" event at my hair salon, which had stylists calling me after reading the publicity to volunteer!  That was awesome; two different total strangers came to me to help along with a facebook friend who drove 4 hours from Ft Lauderdale as well as two other women from local shops.  The event was a huge success. 

We had live music, a book signing, a pumpkin carver, food donated; all kinds of fun and of course haircuts.  We were able to raise just over $1100 and split between two charities;  “Save the

Ta-Tas” and “Susan G Komen”.  I can't adequately relate the feelings I felt but writing the checks was another big deal for me.

I've had the pleasure to become aligned with the Founder of "C.A.N.S. 4 CUTS."  I currently sit on the board as the Florida coordinator. This 501C organization of barbers and stylists promotes charitable acts nationwide.

At this writing I am holding a food drive at the shop for Thanksgiving Season offering one dollar off any service in exchange for each can of food donated.  These offerings will benefit the Allen Chapel of New Smyrna  Food Bank.

Early this summer my friend, client, and financial advisor asked me to sit on the steering committee for the South East Volusia Relay for Life; American Cancer Society.  After some reflection and prayer I accepted the fundraising chair… And we are off!

I have staged an event at a local restaurant that was a flaming success; my next endeavor comes off on December 6th.  Our Relay is set for April 21-22 2012.  I am working with the Daytona Cubs, Daytona International Speedway and a concert promoter Three Mega Events to be staged this winter. The goal for this 2011 - 2012 SEV Relay is $150,000.   I am having a ball meeting many wonderful people in my community as well as survivors all with their own poignant story.

Giving back and paying it forward is a worthwhile endeavor, one which I did not envision in my younger years when life was just all about me. So happy to have broadened my horizons and opened my eyes and my heart.  I strongly recommend this type of activity for anyone.

– Denise Marie


Peter Anthony's Perspective

The universe has created a mechanism that allows us to share in an infinite abundance, beyond the metaphysical corniness of this there is the simplicity of experiencing it.

Everything is about sharing… I would love to say we give back but how can you give something that was never yours. When we opened our first Salon I was perhaps 25 and I immediately organized a cut-a-thon.   Being inspired at the time by Sebastian's commitment to the protection of the  rainforestI and specifically touched by Geri Cusenza (Founder Sebastian) and her passion for giving to our industry and beyond.

We were a very new salon and really had NO funds but another young mentor stepped into our path, Cordi Di Maio, at the time he was a Sales associate assigned to my account.   HE is now the owner of Healium Hair Care, as we have said no good deed goes undone;  he helped us plan a cut-a-thon. Two days, 100% of the proceeds went to the Rain Forest Foundation.  I do not remember the exact amount we raised BUT it was close to 5-10k and we booked more and did more then we had ever thought we could as a business.

Here is the trippy part… we did this in February in NY!  I think at the time we had never even had a 2500 dollar day as a salon, we were brand new but I was on fire. We raised the most in the country and Cordi arranged that we present the Check to John Cuzensa on stage at the IBS. We did and it was the first of many, many, many events that we have lent our support to creating and organizing.

Geri invited us to a reception after a concert given by Sting and Elton John at Carnegie Hall that evening which followe a fundraising event she put together that raised WAY MORE then 10k. T hat evening I saw something incredible… "artists" giving back their time and sharing their art for something greater. S ting shared some time but his wife really talked to me and hit me someplace deep. What Trudy had shared is that as they saw it their success was a gift and a responsibility.   With this counsel and experience in my hands; even at the young age of 25 I coordinated philanthropic events helping children, single mothers, Breast Cancer survivors and patients wherever our community needed us. Quite honestly I rarely said NO if the cause and the people were passionate and congruent.

Later I worked with my friend Tony Robbins and helped my original mentor expand even his own capacity for what can be done by motivated people raising money and stepping up for causes. The abundance that surrounds each and every one of us at all times is limited ONLY by our ability to expand our hearts. Many mentors have shown up in my life at many moments. We always give and it does not have to be something as grand as a cut-a-thon or fundraiser for Breast Cancer. We have given out hundreds of bags of toys for the holidays or groceries when there is no real organized event or reason… just a feeling to give and participate.

We have taken our daughter to soup kitchens to volunteer for a morning or a day, serving meals in the wealthiest parts of our country. We have helped with Orphanages around the world and now today we have decided to help share and inspire others to stretch beyond their beliefs and capacity and learn something more about themselves.

When we built our Flagship Salon and Spa we went over budget by a sum of money that can buy an amazing home; cash "ANYWHERE" in the US.  I you have built 7k plus square foot locations before you know what I mean.  Not thinking we would need financing I paid out of pocket.  The overage was incredible and drained my "liquid cash" and credit as we were involved in several development projects.

I was scheduled to go to Fiji to work with Tony Robbins at his resort in Namale. But they had a Category 5 hurricane and it was postponed. A friend living there and working with Tony got in touch with me and explained that there were food shortages all over and all the chains of delivery were being shut down, simply there was NO FOOD. But she had arranged for a boat to bring some over privately but needed 2500.00. We had no cash at the time and payroll & quarterly taxes were due. I just received a credit card (I do not recommend this) but it had a cash advance of 2500 on it, so I sent it. My thoughts were F%^& it at least I know we did something good. Two or three weeks later our accounts were up over 60k and all our bills had been paid …we held NO DEBT, people who had owed me money for year just sent checks. The universe is a funny place, it is simple and clear but many of us do not allow ourselves to enjoy as much of the abundance as is available to us…  Give everyday even if it is as simple as a smile.

Peter Anthony
Founder : Let’s Talk About Your Hair 


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