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Go Beyond What is Comfortable

Go beyond what is comfortable

Here is what we need to remember in life, it will not always be filled with simple easy decisions. especially as you grow. The larger your company grows the more difficult choices that will be laid before you. The bigger the dream the more often it will meet with resistance. The Challenge is not to get caught up in the resistance but rather to stay focused on the outcome.

In life if you want something extraordinary it will take something extraordinary to obtain it. Value has an energy and that energy will demand an energy in order to move it forward. An example could be a great location for your business. that location will demand a certain amount of energy and it will not all be just cash flow to afford the rent. If you are not prepared or do not accept the exchange the great location will pass your compnay by as well as ALL the opportunity that would have flowed through that location.

Another example would be a great additional employee; I hear this all the time ... but NEVER from excellent companies only from GOOD or MODERATE companies. Good companies have a hard time attracting excellent employees (sadly many do not even know it or care to admit it), at best they attract Good employees, on a rare occassion they attract excellent but then they leave and the company goes haywire for a minute as they try to explain why they are a "GOOD" company.

The reason for this is the ENERGY not the success of the company but the energy that the company "gives off". They are exciting so people want to be around them. They have dreams that they can easily articulate and share that get others excited about and buy into. They always have a plan. They are all passionate. Here is an additional KEY element (only an observation) but it is my belief, the leader is engaged with the company at the highest level, they are not sitting back rather they are inspiring examples. The more his additional leadership display this the larger and greater the company as long as ALL the leaders re congruent about the mission of the company and the outcome and delivery of the product. When they are not trouble arrises again.

Lessons Learned:

  • Greatness is a pattern, repeat the pattern recieve the results
  • Create more frequency in your Business
  • Create added Value "Make it irresistable"
  • Be Smart, Protect your cash flow
  • Protect the Staff
  • Read more and Find More Mentors
  • Get your current clients to INVEST in you upfront
  • Stay Passionate
  • Think Out of the Box
  • Let People know HOW THEY CAN HELP
  • Make sure they are happy with the decision to Invest in You
  • Be Prepared Always
  • No is not NO it is NOT YET because you have not solved the challenge
  • Surround yourself with inspiring people by being inspiring
  • Your Dream & Plan must be Simple to explain and share


What I will share as well is this, if you drema it and believe it you can achieve it as long as you are willing to committ to it. There is nothing greater then putting a dream in motion and seeing it spread. Passion is contagious but will fizzle if there is not enough substance to fuel it. In the end we are all resposible for our actiions and decisions, be a strong leader of one and live as an example to follow.

Thank you for your time...

Peter Anthony