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Hair Brushes

Good Quality Hairbrushes Mean Great Looking Hair

While most hairstylists know that hairbrushes with boar bristle are the best, they also know that to achieve perfect results, a brush with both nylon and boar bristles is what you need. This combination of bristles really creates the perfect brush. The boar bristles are gentle on the hair and scalp, while the nylon bristles help the hair to dry a lot faster. Stylists want a hairbrush that does it all - distributing oils from your scalp evenly over the hair, to create a shine, as well as acting as a detangler, not pull the hair, nor harm the scalp in any way. Following are the top five brands of hairbrushes that every good hairstylist should have.

One of the best basic brushes is the Sephora. This handcrafted paddle brush has a mixture of synthetic and boar bristles, is long lasting, and won’t snag the hair. It is a reasonably priced brush that is perfect for normal to fine hair.

Then there is the Spornette round brush that was named the best beauty buy for three years in a row, and is the choice of many top hairstylists the world over. The Spornette gives the hair body and bounce without having to use a curling iron or flat iron, and, when blow-drying the hair, does so smoothly without hurting the scalp at all. It is no wonder that it is included in the top five brands of hairbrushes.

The best paddle brush has got to be the Mason Pearson, a top favorite amongst stylists. They are expensive, but if you can afford one, is definitely THE brush to own. The boar bristles allow for gentle brushing, while the synthetic bristles allow for quicker drying-time. If you really cannot afford the Mason Pearson, but still want to own a good quality paddle brush, then you will do yourself a great favor by opting for the Denman Medium Cushion Brush with Boar Bristles. Another favorite brand among stylists, Denman’s brushes offer both high quality, as well as genuine affordability. This brush works well on all hair types, all hair lengths, and is a great detangler as well.

Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson’s hairstylist, cannot say enough about Frederic Fekkai’s boar bristle and nylon round brush, and for good reason too - it is absolutely perfect for creating beautiful curls, or if desired, taming them as well. If this brush is good enough for celebrity stylists, then it’s no wonder that it is so sought after by so many hairstylists and is found to be on the list of the top five hairbrushes.

Of course, owning a really good quality hairbrush that is expensive, means that your hair will look and feel great all the time. However, to keep your hairbrush in good condition and last for years to come, it should be washed regularly in warm water with baby shampoo, rinsed well, and air-dried.