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Hair Clips

Hair Clips

The Sexiest Clips for Your Hair

There may have been a time when hair clips were anything but sexy and usually limited to girls under the age of 7 and women over 75! We are singing a different tune these days though, and finding the sexiest clips for your hair is a must for even the trendiest of gals. The sexiest clips for your hair are easy to find in a variety of price points if you know what you are looking for. As cute as some clips may be, the focus is on sexy, which means choosing clips that are girly in a very grown up sort of way. In terms of feminine, you want to think of things like flowers, crystals and anything else that screams sensual and sexy. Flower clips are an especially hot option for every season, with a red rose being a dramatic touch that heats up your winter, while flowers in pastels and sorbet colors are always a delicious way to play up a summer sun dress or bikini. Also, crystals and jewels are not just for evening anymore thanks to playful hair clips that can add some unexpected bling to anything from jeans and tank top to a business suit. Choosing the sexiest clips for your hair is easier when you know how to work with the hair you have. Hair clips are a great way to sex up a pixie cut as long as you choose those that will sit in your hair without sliding off or looking out of place. Long hair or big hair can stand to have a little something extra in order to not get lost in the abundance of your mane. Keep your hair’s texture in mind when choosing hair clips to so that you do not have to contend with clips that slip out too easily or get caught and tangled in your hair.

The sexiest clips for your hair are those that reflect your personality and are worn with confidence. If you are not quite comfortable with a big and bright flower clip, then opt for a smaller or subtler one. If too much bling makes you cringe, then stick to something a little more classic. As long as you wear your hair clip with confidence, then you are sure to look sexy to anyone that comes your way. By the same token though, do not be afraid to experiment and venture out of your comfort zone a little. Who knows—that sexy pin up look just may be more you than you thought!

Sexy is all about confidence and having fun whether it is about you, your clothes or even your hair clips. So, have a little fun and see how the sexiest clips for your hair help you kick things up a notch!