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Hair Oil Reviews

Welcome and Enjoy Learning more about Oils for Hair

SENSIA PO Beauty Oil

We have been playing with SENSIA PO Beauty Oil for some weeks now, great blend of organic oils including Argan. It really works well for all hair or all skin types, we used it on the scalp and hair as an additive to our treatments. Our Team really loved placing a small amount into finishing cremes when styling hair or using straightening tools like the Cloud Nine Wide Iron. SENSIA PO absorbed well and never left the hair feeling oily, actually the blend allowed the hair to feel more pliable and very shiny. As you know we love working with natural boar brushes like the Denman Oval (which we feel is a best buy). The results of the two were incredible soft and healthy hair. Here is how the manufacturer suggests using the oils. We would love to see more of this brand!

  • Face : Massage a small amount on a clean face morning and/or evening
  • Body : Use daily as part of your skin care routine after a shower or a bath, apply over entire body to softens and regenerates. Apply after sun exposure to soothes and enhances the appearance of your skin.
  • Hair : Apply on damp or dry hair to repair and revitalize for a softer silkier looking hair.
  • Nails : Massage into nails and cuticles daily to help them grow long, strong and beautiful.

100% PURE ORGANIC ARGAN OIL ELIXIR by Naturelle d'Argan

We love this Argan Oil, no scent, great composition & simple to use. What else do you really need to jump on the argan band wagon.
Manufacturer suggested the following benefits of the PURE ARGAN OIL:
"Argan oil restores remarkable shine to hair, nourishes the scalp to advance hair growth, and helps to mend split ends. For an intensive hair treatment, apply a generous amount to hair starting at the ends and working upwards, then wrap in a warm towel and leave for 30 minutes, or let soak overnight. Then shampoo and style as usual. Repeat this once or twice a week for soft, smooth and glossy hair."

What we loved is that in its pure form the argan oil has so many other uses. Naturelle d'Argan because of its purity is able to be used on the skin as well which made this not only a very cool hair treatment but great for your nails and skin as well, we considered that a great value. We focused on the product as a treatment and as a finishing aide although the manufacturer does not mention this as a use on their site a drop or two to finish off styles worked great, no oily feeling and the hair was in great control." We are looking forward to reviewing the entire line of products in the near future, currently this is one to watch and one of the stronger choices in the "Argan" arena. Learn more about the products by visiting the manufactures website

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Obliphica Oil Treatment was fun to play with, we worked it through hair using the Hot Pink Cheetah Ceramic Iron which we also reviewed. Worked great with the iron, just the right amount of slip, great deal of shine. What we liked is that the hair felt great, looked healthy and was certainly in better condition. The key is that we had several stylists work with...Read the entire Amika Oil Treatments Review:

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Mara Kesh Argon Oil Treatment:

Mara kesh Argon OilMara Kesh Select Superior Moroccan Argon Oil Hair Serum is Now Available1 Manufacturer and developer Maria Mattima is proud to release her new Mara Kesh Select Argan Oil Hair Serum. 100% Certified Organic Plantation, Non-Comedogenic and Non-Greasy Scented with Organic Ginger Citrus Scented Japanese Essential Oils.
Manufacturer suggested the following benefits of the HAIR SERUM:
Moisturizing for damaged dry hair, Promotes shiny and soft hair, Aids in effective hair growth, Prevents Split ends, Safe for color treated hair, Tames frizzy hair!
Let's Talk About Your hair followed the instructions below;
While showering massage 1 to 2 drops of Mara Kesh Select Argan Oil directly into wet hair. Leave on for 5 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. It seemed to work well and hire was left in good condition and manageable. For dry hair apply a few drops onto wet hair before styling. Use once a week or bi-weekly for best results. Overall the product performs and left hair in a healthy and manageable condition. We are looking forward to testing this over a longer period of time to see the cumulative results.
The Mara Kesh Select beauty line consists of 2 skin serums/cremes and 2 Hair serums. Based on the initial performance of this oil we are really looking forward to the release of additional products.