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Sweet, sexy, sassy, tough, punk, classic, or carefree. No matter your personal style, there’s a perfect hairstyle out there waiting for you, like a cosmic soulmate. Too often, we let ourselves be defined by school or the workplace, but there’s no reason you can’t express yourself and still keep your boss happy as a tickled puppy. OK, so you probably can’t dye your hair hot pink and cut it into a mullet, (at most jobs), but you can wear pink extensions on the weekends with your uber-layered style when no one is looking. A close cropped spiky do can become a faux-hawk on the weekends and a pulled back bun can be unleashed into a sexy wave after 5. So don’t fret. Whether you’re a Madonna-like chameleon or someone who’s just looking for a signature look like Gisele, we’re here to help.

Let’s Talk About Your Hair is a community of seasoned and talented hairstylists who are ready to dish out the info you need to look fab. You can look through the Album galleries or use comments to chat directly with the stylists. But the most important thing is knowing what YOU want. You’re the most important part of the equation and without you, hairstylists would have no one to style! So make friends with your stylist and let them know exactly what you want, what look you’re going for, or what mood you’re trying to evoke. Then let them use their expertise to make it happen. Together you and your hairdresser can find the perfect look, (or looks), for you from wedding to workplace.