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Hairgum PURE Repairing Mask Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Hairgum PURE Repairing Mask



Works Great

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good



About the Company

Based in France, Laboratoire Ariland, maker of Hairgum products has always taken its inspiration from nature for its fragrances and textures. With a global reputation for producing high quality hair care and styling products for over the last 25 years using only the finest ingredients, Hairgum has always been able to be on top of the latest trends and fashions. Hairgum organic products (Pure and part of the Beauty range) feature authentic formulae developed without adding chemical ingredients. Products guaranteed to be free of paraben, polyethylene glycol (PEG), silicon, and artificial coloring- and enhanced with a 100% natural fragrance. In addition, no animal testing was carried out on the raw materials or finished products. The formula contains a maximum concentration of ingredients derived from organic farming.

What is it supposed to DO?

Gives back gloss & shine to hair. Shea Butter-Ginger formula. Fine Normal & dry damaged hair is rehydrated, smoothed, vigourous & vitality.

How important is scent?

Great Light Ginger Scent, simple and clean, a little spicy. Scent faded when drying hair so there was not a conflict with your chosen scent which we love when getting ready for the day. I bit more intense then the Gentle Shampoo.

How does the product feel when you use it?

We suggest just a bit (size of a nickle) onto hair that is damp. A really smooth cream texture. NO oily feeling to this product & you can feel the hair "drink" it quickly. Just the right amount of slip & when we needed a bit more BAM a few drops of the Shea Butter Serum kicked it up a notch or two.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

The Packaging is cool. Very European, clean and a very round large base which is great for the shower as it is almost impossible to knock over. Strong Cap that opens and closes easily. Great to display in a Salon, and you feel great bringing it home.

We put it through the paces!

Here is how we wanted it to work, we wanted the hair to look and feel sexy and shiny "whether we air dried, or styled with hand dryer". PURE Repairing mask held up it's part of the bargain. Hair felt great & better in two to three days. The addition of the Serum was perfect when we hit the hair with some heat (we were reviewing flat irons and curling irons the same day). Hair was soft and bouncing well. It would be a perfect switch of from volume shampoos and conditioners for your collection. We did not test for this BUT noticed that after working with it for a couple of days when the hair went to color it "REALLY" looked great. SO this could be a 'pretreatment' for hair prior to coloring as the color seemed to apply and take very evenly.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

Ingeborg, owner of House for Hair in Thornwood NY shared with us some of her passion for these product. Her cleints love that the PURE line of Hairgum, she told us it "does not leave there hair greasy as there is no deposit left behind." we experienced the same results and can easily see why this is a fast growing product in the USA. Ingebor also shared the "Serum Secret" we tested that several times. A few drops of the serum into the ask worked magic in the normal to thicker hair and was MAGIC with curls and appliances. It really looked as though the product was protecting the hair. Just like the Gentle Shampoo we recommend this as a Part of your collection. Sexy healthy shiny hair is what we experienced.

Products you will need to complete the experience

Obviously the PURE Repairing Mask needs clarifying as the first step and this should be PURE Gentle Shampoo. For kicking things up a notch or two add the PURE Shea Butter Serum to the Mask. Like we mentioned a few Drops will be perfect.


Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

We test products based on performance NOT what they are made of but it is great when we find things that are a strong blend of Science and Nature. It has what I would expect from a professional line. It works and the hair looks great. It is not about BIG or STYLED. This is for people who are looking for natural, healthy, shiny, sexy hair that feels GREAT to the touch. How we would position in our own collection is a switch off, this is when you want to relax yourself and your hair and simply feel clean and healthy.