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Starting with the end in mind.

Hair spray is the absolute last step of the entire process, but one of the most fun hair styling products you can use. Everyone wants to know which sprays work and which do not. Here is a hint, they all work, but different ones have different goals so they perform accordingly.


Sebastian Shaper Plus:
This is really the one that started it all and the benchmark for all to follow. When I met the founders of the company, I was just a kid. I looked across the room and knew there was something special about the company and the people. This is one of the most incredible products to ever enter the professional hairstyling arena. When we were onstage teaching, we would use these massive cans of spray and just flip them and catch them behind our backs, spray and get back to it. The product worked every time and the concept was incredible. For decades everyone tried ripping off the product or out doing it. We are here to tell you that the people spoke, and Sebastian Shaper is still on top. I will always love the company and all of the breakthroughs, some much more important then Shaper hairspray.

Bumble and Bumble Does It All:
I love this spray. It was designed by a session stylist so they could do something, take it out and do something else. It has good hold and is not tacky. Great for straightening irons! It is a breakthrough in behavior modification: workable, brushable hold for bending, molding, twisting or lifting hair while shielding it from hot tongs and irons (also fabulous for finishing). For Styling and playing this is a fantastic hair spray and we have sold tens of thousands of cans. There were times of the year where we could not get enough in NYC.

My staff spent a lot of time over the years with this company, the products are great and the ideas are incredible.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray:
For those of you who know me, you know my friends started this company, but this is not a plug just because they are doing something. The hairspray is truly amazing! I could go on and on about the line, which is now our favorite personal choice. It combines the gentlest ingredients and the most innovative technologies in the most luxurious formulas. The best of the best - truly an Oribe Signature. This anti-humidity finishing spray shields hair from frizz on the sultriest of days (and nights), protecting sleek blowouts and perfect curls alike. Miami-tested. Spray on dry, styled hair. Flip head over, repeat. Paraben free. UV Protection. Color safe.

Aveda Firmata:
When they say, "Our firmest hold hair spray, created to provide extra-strong style control and shine," they mean it. For the non-aerosol hairspray that really holds and will be able to be washed out without building into the hair, we like this one. We used it for some time in the salon and of course there is that signature Aveda scent. Their formula with Moriku protein helps protect your hair.

This hairspray goes on wet and takes a second to dry, so make sure your hair is in place and you give it the right amount of time before you play with it.

Oribe Superfine:
A sheer, modern hairspray with medium hold. Oribe designed Superfine to bring new technology to old-style glamor, resulting in flexible, brushable, shiny-soft control. The exclusive ultra-dry finish won't dampen or dull smooth styles. UV Protection for hair. Color Safe.

This really works and it is going to be the next huge thing. Of course, there is a price for being the best and they have only put the best things inside here. This is not fluff, the people behind Oribe really live and breathe this stuff. A great stylist line with incredible management.

Bumble and Bumble Extra Strength Holding Spray:
I loved it when it came out and I still find myself taking it with me to session work. It never builds up and breaks down easily, no-fuss non-aerosol hairspray. Bumble got this one right and for good reason. They tried to be one thing and not all things. The right amount of hold but certainly not cement. Use it wash it out and have fun tomorrow.

What I love about this product is that salons can refill the bottles. This is just a great deal for the environment and for the salon. Many of the companies now use non-aerosols for that reason and with the biodegradable plastic bottles, we do not have to feel bad.