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How To Choose The Best Scissor Fit

How to choose the best scissor fit

Perfect Scissor Fit, Perfect Cut

Most of a hairstylist’s time is spent cutting people’s hair, so the most important tool they need is good scissors. In fact, there are some stylists who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one pair of scissors. As with most things, each stylist has his or her preferred brand of scissors, and will take some time in choosing a pair of scissors, until they find the one that they feel is perfect for them.

Some scissors seem to be rather long, while others are shorter, and there is a reason for this. The longer scissors are barbering shears, and as barbering involves “shears over comb” cutting, the length of the scissors needs to be long enough to fit along the length of the barber comb. Because regular hair cutting involves holding the hair between the fingers while cutting, the scissors with the shorter blades are used to cut smaller sections of hair.

However, it is not a simple matter of buying an expensive pair of scissors with a great brand name, as the fit of the scissors in the hand is very important. Because everyone has different-sized hands, there are different sized scissors so that each stylist will be sure to find the one that fits most comfortably in his/her hand and allows full control over the scissors for precision cutting.

The lengths of scissors come in half-inch increments from about 4.5 inches, up to 6.5 inches. Any longer than this, and they are classed as barbers shears. Because hairstylists normally cut small sections of hair, it is only necessary for the scissors to extend a few inches from the end of the index finger while the scissors are being used.

Apart from the scissors coming in different lengths, the finger holes on the scissors come in different sizes as well. The finger holes should allow the fingers to slide in and out easily, as well as swing around the fingers without any resistance - this helps to prevent sores and calluses on the fingers after prolonged use. It is also very important that the finger holes are not too loose though, as this will prevent proper control of the scissors, and there is a risk of dropping the scissors. These scissors are of course, VERY sharp, and dropping it on your client could be very dangerous.

The sharpness of the scissors too is very important to any hairstylist. The reason why these scissors need to be incredibly sharp is because they should be able to cut through a half-inch thick section of damp hair with hardly any sound or effort at all. When it gets to a stage where you can actually feel the scissors cutting the hair, and there is a distinct sound while cutting, there is a very good chance that your scissors need sharpening.

When scissors are sent away for sharpening, it sometimes takes a while until the hairstylist gets them back again - this means that a second pair of scissors is necessary so that he/she can carry on working.