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Newest Hair Straightening Revolution

Brazilian Straighteners - Newest Revolution

Transforms Unmanageable Frizzy Curls Into Smooth Straight Hair!

Brazilian hair straighteners also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment, is the newest revolutionary hair straightener to hit the market. As if by magic, curly, frizzy hair, after the treatment, becomes silky smooth, beautifully shiny, with plenty of volume. Why is it considered revolutionary? Unlike other chemical straighteners available, with this treatment, the results are temporary, which means that the treatment gradually washes away over time, and your natural hair texture returns.

The great thing too is that it is not at all damaging to the hair. In fact, it can be done on chemically treated hair, costs less than permanent hair straightener, and the process only takes a fraction of the time. If this sounds too good to be true, then read on!

This newest Brazilian hair straightener works this way - an active solution of Keratin, the protein that forms the structure of your hair, is applied to the hair. This is then fused onto the outer layer of the hair strand by using a 450-degree flat iron. This process adds strength to the hair as well as seals in moisture, which results in soft, smooth, straight hair, with plenty of body and very shiny.

The cuticle layer is flat in virgin hair, and requires a cuticle opener before the Brazilian straightener can be applied for proper results. The Brazilian hair straightener treatment lasts for about two months on virgin hair, and longer for other hair types. As mentioned before, this treatment can be used on chemically treated hair. In fact, for some reason, it seems to work best on chemically treated hair.

Also, if you want to color your hair as well, it is best to do this right before the Brazilian straightener treatment. Coloring helps to equalize the porosity of your hair from the roots to the ends, allowing the straightener to have the most uniform effect possible. Also, if a cut is necessary, this should be done after the hair has been straightened.

Although this is the newest, very effective Brazilian hair straightener around at the moment, and works really well, there are some rules to maintain your new head of silky smooth, straight hair.

For instance, you should avoid washing, wetting, or tying back your hair for four days after treatment. You should also avoid using any hair product during this time as well. Should your hair develop a kink, then simply use a flat iron to straighten it again.

To maintain the effect of this newest Brazilian straightener treatment, your hair should be washed less frequently due to it being a temporary treatment that does wash out over time. Using a shampoo that does not contain Sodium Chloride, but does have UV protection is recommended - this will ensure that your new look lasts for as long as possible.

Chlorinated swimming pool water, seawater, as well as to much exposure to the sun will shorten the life span of the treatment. Once your natural texture has returned, and you decide to have this newest Brazilian straighter done again, exactly the same procedure as the first treatment will apply.