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Normal Hair

Normal Hair

This is the majority of American hair (thus called normal) and what most of the over the counter products are designed for. Here is something interesting to know about hair care products: they are designed to work 70% of the time on 70% of the people. It seems that less then half the people picking up the product will get what the manufacturer claims. Now this is in no way a bash on manufacturers, because they are not exactly sure who the consumer is. There is no one recommending the product at the counter that is trained to work with whatever it is you are buying so this is the right system for over the counter products. What I will say is this: it will only be an opinion and that is why I love professional stylist recommending products.

PROS: Everything is tailored around your hair, so most products work well with your hair. However, they do what they are designed to do. This means that your hairstyle needs to fit the product and the expectations as well as the hair.

PRODUCTS: Everything and nothing. We will always cover what we love and why but it is a start ,not an end.

TOOLS: Here is the key to keeping normal hair in great condition, a great brush. We can never say enough about great brushes. Boar bristle is by far the best, and the old wives tale about brushing your hair 100 times a night works for sure on all hair types.

CONS: Most products work well with your hair so you experiment all the time and stick with things that worked well. How is this a con? Well because good and great are very far apart. Even though your hair is "normal," it still has its own variations that make it unique, color, type of skin, climate, lifestyle etc. I have found that people in general will settle very often for good when great is just a few feet away.

FIX: You need to look a bit harder because the results are less specific than people with fine or damaged hair. You need to not be afraid of working with salon products and asking the Artist, Colorist or Professional stylist to try different things on your hair, not what they use for everyone. Get some explanations. Get directions and play.