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Organic Hair Care

Organic Hair Care – A Fun Alternative!

You may have noticed new words describing a new type of product that is becoming available. It may be called ‘organic’, perhaps ‘green’ or even ‘all-natural’. Whatever they call it, you should probably check it out. While your mainstream synthetically-made products have been around for decades and get the job done, natural products can now be found that also do a great job and are a wonderful alternative. They are especially nice for those that are chemically-sensitive or are looking for a pure version of beauty care.

Women have been beautifying themselves since ancient times. They’ve used various roots and fats for cleansing their hair, oils and butters for conditioning, and berries and other plants for coloring. We’ve come a long way since then. Scientists have taken what we’ve learned from our ancestors and created completely synthetic versions of these types of products. Today’s products work, they smell great, and they can sit on our shelves for a very long time before going bad. This is modern-age progress. But there are those among us that yearn for a little more ‘nature’ in our lives, even in our beauty care. It’s all about balancing what’s important to each individual’s needs. Many of the natural products that are available now have some great things to offer. Many of them are in fact quite effective!

Organic beauty care is becoming very popular. You’ve probably had clients that have asked you what kind of natural treatments you offer. Do you offer them? You should if you want to be completely full-service.

Shear Miracles Organic Products is a fine example of a company that offers organic beauty care. They offer an entire line of effective hair and skin products, perfect for consumer and salon use. Their slogan is that their products “are so pure you can eat them.” They never use anything un-natural. Products are scented with all-natural essential oils. Each ingredient is specifically used for an action in the formulation.

Bringing natural elements into your salon or spa can be a welcome addition for your clients as well as those that work there. Essential oils are a great source of a natural aroma. They have been made from actual flowers and botanicals. Essential oils may cost a bit more than synthetic fragrances, and they may not last quite as long as their un-natural counterparts. But those with sensitivities to synthetic fragrances will be able to tolerate them better, plus they have actual properties that are released into the air. Try Chamomile for a feeling of relaxation, or Peppermint for a more stimulating atmosphere. Basil will give a calming, more spiritual element to the surroundings. Add them to a light bulb or place a few drops in water, or purchase candles that release their aroma into the air upon lighting them. Fill a water bottle with a nice essential oil blend and have it on hand to spray the area around your station after each client. You’ll find many great companies that offer essential oils online, as well as many great blend recipes. Products made with natural essential oils will always be more favorable to your chemically-sensitive clients, and it will be enjoyed by others too!

Beauty care should be fun. Hair care is modernizing into a more natural way, don’t fear the change. There is a lot to be learned from what has come before. With the advances that have come with natural chemistry and hair care, the future seems to be heading towards more ‘nature in the salon’. Embrace it and watch how your clients will respond positively.


Learn more about natural beauty care by visiting Shear Miracles by Robyn
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Written by Sharon Houghton
Founder & Director of ‘The All Natural Beauty Website’