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Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color



Kick's Ass

Condition of Hair: 




About the Company

Oribe, the eponymous line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, is a paraben- and sodium chloride-free, UV protecting, color-safe collection specifically tailored to meet the hair needs of the truly glamorous. Oribe products deliver the highest possible levels of performance and sophistication.

What is it supposed to DO?

An ultra-gentle cleanser for ultra-beautiful color. Extend the bright, happy life of your dye with high-tech ingredients that target damaged areas for intense moisture treatment and protect your hue from the elements.

How important is scent?

OK Many of you know we LOVE THIS PRODUCT, but the scent is over the top. SO luxurious and matches perfectly with the performance of the product.

How does the product feel when you use it?

We hear the word "Indulge" and there is not much more to say, a small amount and the lather is thick and rich, the product is creamy in your hands. Awesome.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

More thought and creativity went into Oribe packaging then most companies place into their entire line. It is incredible, embossed boxes, gem cut bottles, gold lettering. You know it is special and are excited to open the box. Nothing like it, Period!

We put it through the paces!

We have tested this product over a year, it is awesome and works beyond what is even promised. The condition of the hair combined with the integrity of the color over time is incredible. The hair was never left to heavy and always simple to work with. Session stylist love it for that reason BUT woman love it for the same reason. We are able to shampoo and condition and perform, NO DOWN TIME. It is the mark of a truly "Professional" product line. All things about Oribe are incredible but the performance is key when you attach the word "Professional" to any line. What they have done is not attach the word they created a "Standard" for the word. Multiple Shampoos over 30 days and the color held fast (we tested on level 5 reds) so we would have been happy with average fade, but what we saw was almost none, even in Florida (not the beach). Better yet the integrity of the hair was equally matched. SO coloring after a month was more even in application.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

This line is growing so fast and rapidly that I think the comments alone will say it all.

Products you will need to complete the experience

We worked with Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color and the Conditioner for Beautiful Color in tandem. A staple for any collection, an indulgence of the senses for all.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

Knowing the origins of the company and having watched Oribe for years breaking barrier of styling and his partners influencing the standards of beauty and creativity we expected a lot. The product line completely delivers, the company is a privileged to be associated with for those salons who's standards and culture align.


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