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Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony

This is a website that is dedicated to conversations about hair. Over a million people have come in and out of my salons, lectures and classes for over 25 years and all we have done is talk about hair! Where ever I go eventually the conversation will get back to hair.

What you can expect is this, we will be honest and polite but honest first.

My philosophy is that beauty comes from within, so you are already there and what we discuss is merely an adornment for what we had nothing to do with!

Your hair is and always will be one of your most powerful accessories, so we will show you how to style it, clean it, condition it, play with it and sometimes even how to replace it. What we will not do is lie. Everything you are about to read I have read and approved. The products here are worth looking into or in most cases purchasing. Not because we will make money or are being paid, but because these are products that work. I have spent my life working with hair products and what I have found is the better the products, the better the results.

For the tens of thousands of women that I was honored to work with over the last 25 years, thank you, thank you. It was an honor. For those wondering what I am doing now, I am running a marketing and consulting firm and teaching seminars to people around the world, sharing what I learned behind the chair and as successful business owner for my entire life. My adventure around the world and dealing with product companies and stylists keeps me in the thick of it. I still cut hair for private clients because I just cannot stop, and every week at every get together, on every plane, at every moment that it is discovered I do hair, I am still asked, "What would you do with my hair?".

Here is a little background on my salons:

"Salon of the Year Award of Special Distinction 1997" Modern Salon Magazine

"Top 200 fastest growing Salons in USA " Salon Today Magazine

2000 : 2001 : 2002

I made the decision to sell the salons and spas in 2003 sold the first in 2004 and the last salon in 2005 in order to clear my schedule to travel with a friend and mentor in their Platinum Partnership program. I traveled the world teaching and consulting in beauty and many other small businesses for the last four years. I love being a hair stylist and I have been published thousands of times on multiple continents. At the urging of my good friends and daughter I put this site together and I plan to consult for the industry worldwide.

Our company, A Wynn Wynn Situation has been incredible. It has offered me the chance to share my vision beyond beauty with people from around the world. I still do personal consultations and set clients up for their stylists as well as consult for salons.

I have met the founders, owners and worked with on some small or large level most of the companies we talk about here on the site. I love products. I remember meeting a man who started some companies you may know. He is gone now, but his passion for products is apparent everywhere, and he inspired me. So did a stylist from Paris who opened a salon in NYC. I remember my interview with him. I was 19 and he told me hair is fashion and asked me what I wanted from this part of the fashion industry. I wanted to be one of the best.

There are so many stories that have touched so many lives from around the country and around the world. Everyone smiles when they get a great haircut, many of us sigh in relief. What I feel is that the skills of the art are much easier than the skills of learning to dig deep and listen. If those skills were easy, the world might be a bit different. I dedicated most of my life to listening and learning. I still am learning at a frightening pace as the world grows faster than any person can keep up. I learn to teach myself, my amazing daughters and whoever is willing to listen and share. Namaste.