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Rituals and Habits

Here is the important part of what your about to watch: Habits are what will determine your path as much as free choice! Most of us do not succeed because we do not have a clear idea of "How Long it takes to create a habit for a particular aspect of what we are doing." In this simple video I expalin how fast a new habit was created "WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE or consent". I also let you know how easy it would be to create a NEW habit in your clinets and I release one of the tricks that I have use effectively in the past.

Here is the formula:

Hair Color Every Month = 12 visits per year

Average Client is with the Salon 5 years or 60 visits

IF SPTU (single process touch up) costs 60 dollars this clients color business is worth 3600 dollars over the 5 year period!

If they recieve HC every other visit and a Style/Bd on the opposite visit for an average of 40 dollars per visit the Styling portion is worth 2400 dollars over five years.


If they Buy Sampoo and Conditioner every other visit their retail ticket is worth 900 more dollars. To your Staff they are worth 20% of the total numebr in gratuities.

So a Single Client is worth in this example 6900 in sales to the salon if YOU CAN MOVE THEM from a visitor to a client. All that takes is something much more simpler and less expensive then you believe.

If I invited a client to come in for 5 FREE TOUCH UPS ... YES COMPLETELY FREE, how many of those clients do you think would keep coming to your salon (all things being equal they must be people that live in the demographic area of your salon and have the money to afford it) Lets say 1 of four visitors would tend to stay after the five free services. How much did the service cost in product. (12 per service = 60 per visitor = 240 dollars to test my theory)

So what I am saying is that for every four people you invite to your salon for FOR FIVE FREE COLOR SERVICE EXPERIENCES you can ONLY CLOSE ONE OF THEM. We closed 80% or more. But your cost to get that ONE client was still only 240 dollars How much you spent on color to service 4 people 5 times each @ 12 dollars per application) and they will bring almost 7000 if your price stays the same for five years (which it will not)

After coming to see you for 5 visits they have not gone back to the "other" salon and will more then likely NOT go back. (They certainly do not want to explain why they left)

For every 600 people you did you would create an ENTIRE FOLLOWING for a stylist. In actuality the numbers work out to be MUCH LESS needed to complete, if people do not like your salon or service they will not last the 5 visits EVEN for free. We would develop followings in Months that took the average salon years.

Do not be afraid when you understand the numbers.

Total Investment 36000

Total RETURN 1,050,000.00

YES the return is over a million dollars on that investment, you can do it with ANY stylist, ANYWHERE in the country. Do it ten times and you have a Multi-million dollar salon.


Things you Need to Watch & FAQ's:

1. What if I do this and my current clients want "free" color? The program should ONLY be used to introduce new stylists and colorists. NOT busy existing ones.

2. It should be done on the OFF or SLOWER days of the company. By forcing people to do this during Monday through Weds for instance you are not cutting into people who want to come in on Thursday through Saturday.

3. If a client wants to "switch" from an older stylist to a newer stylist in order to "experience the deal" that should be cool as it is giving you great feedbakc as to your clients 'attatchment' to their current stylist.

4. The deal should only be allowed ONCE per CLIENT EVER. They should not be allowed to 'hop' for chair to chair for free.