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Scissor Metal Quality

What Difference Does Metal Quality Make In Scissors?

Good Quality Metal Scissors Means A Good Quality Cut

Put in a nutshell, metal quality makes a big difference in a pair of scissors. Good hairstylists with good equipment produce good results, so it makes sense then to only go for the best. What difference does metal quality make in scissors? Well, logically put, the better quality the metal, the better quality the scissors, and the happier you and your client will be.

If your scissors is made of inferior quality steel, a lot can, and does go wrong. First of all, your scissors will have to be sharpened very often, as they will become blunt a lot faster than those made of quality steel. Scissors made of inferior quality steel will also hamper your cutting skills, as you won’t have the clean, fast cuts that better quality scissors produce.

Also, because cutting will take longer, there will be a lot more stress put on your wrists and arms, and possibly even sores and calluses on your hands as well. Scissor blades that are dull or inferior can also cause split ends and damage to the hair. When you think about the number of times your scissors opens and closes during a day, it makes sense to have a scissors that is made of good quality steel in order to take the stress it is put under.

Scissors made from Damascus steel are considered to be one of the best. Damascus steel is made by combining layers of hard and soft metals. The hard metal is to keep the sharp edge, and the soft metal is to prevent the blade from breaking. Hairstylists find that really high quality Damascus scissors allow for a very smooth cut, as the blades can be sharpened at less of an angle than those of normal scissors.

Scissors made of Damascus steel are very expensive, but owning a pair means that you will probably have them for years and years. Also, it will give you confidence knowing that every cut you make will be perfect. However, there are unscrupulous individuals out there who will try to sell you something that they claim is Damascus steel, when it definitely isn’t, for the price of the real thing. So, before parting with your hard-earned cash, have someone who is experienced in metals to go with you, to ensure that you are indeed buying what you are paying for.

Then there is stainless steel that is strong and rust-resistant. Of course the hardest steel isn’t always the best though. Scissors should be made of steel that is hard enough to prevent corrosion and hold the sharp cutting edge, yet light enough that it is easy to use - 440 Stainless steel is found to be the best base for hair scissors.

What difference does metal quality make in scissors? The difference can be seen in the quality of the cut, how often your scissors needs sharpening, and whether your hands and arms become tired or not after a day of styling hair.