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Top Professional and Organic Shampoo Reviews by Peter Anthony

Shampoo Reviews

Nothing is as important as using the right shampoo. Here we will isolate what we feel are some of the better brands and break down which ones work great for red hair, blond hair, brunette hair and auburn hair. During the cleansing process, the cuticle is opened and can allow a small amount of the color molecule to fall from the hair during each cleansing process. Of course, this depends on the ingredients of the product, the level of the PH and the type of water found in your area. These shampoos and the conditioners on other pages have been extensively used in my salons and salons around the world over a period of years and on hundreds of thousands of our clients. We isolated what we feel are the best of the best. We also understand that there are those shampoos and products worthy of mention based on the reputation of the owners of the company or the ingredients present. We talk about them as well. Then there are those shampoos that are selling off the rack like they were being given away. We look at those and why they may be experiencing that type of success.

Shampoo: Hair Types & Hair Color

The true purpose of shampoo is to cleanse your hair and scalp of excess oils and debris. It must do this while maintaining the integrity of the hair's cuticle layer and leaving just enough residual oils on the scalp to maintain the skin there as well. What you have been told is that thick creamy luxurious shampoos are better for your hair and if it smells great, WOW. The result is the integrity of the hair and scalp first, second the experience. If the first is the experience, then during the shampoo process you may chose the wrong shampoo for the results that you are looking for.

Shampoos for color treated hair

Shampoos for dry hair

Shampoos for normal hair