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Shampoos for Normal Hair

Shampoos for normal hair

Oribe, Signature Shampoo
Use the smallest amount of this shampoo. It is just incredible for normal and fine hair. They have a volume shampoo as well, but we have been getting great results with the Signature Shampoo and have worked with the volume shampoo for when we really needed VOLUME. It leaves the hair shiny, lathers quickly and rinses thoroughly. My wife and kids are completely in love with the scent as well.

Bumble Gentle Shampoo
It is safe to say we sold more of this shampoo then any other for years, and there is a reason. It is simple and works well. It has just the right amount of moisture and lather to clean products away from your hair. The company is a product company and they style hair based on products, so the shampoo line is reflective of that. If you are using products in your hair, this is a very good shampoo.