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Styling Product Reviews

Styling Product Reviews

Let’s talk about hair styling products: you need these, you want these, and we have them! We have information on all types of products, hairsprays, hair gels, hair creams, palm aides, design lotions, thermal protectors, and volumizers.

We have worked with the best styling products in the world. If you want what the salons did, you need what they used. When you find what works, use it, and when you change what you do, change what you use! How you look effects how you feel, and how you feel effects how others feel. Lets start by getting it right from the beginning. Use the right products for the right results.

Have fun with this, that's what it is all about.

Once your hair has been cleansed and conditioned, we must address the hair styling products procedure. Everyone has little tricks of the trade that work for hair styling products. There are some things that work in harmony or contrast, and that is why mixing hair styling products is getting you specific results. What is working for your hairstyle and what are the ways your hair styling products are being used? We will look at hair styling products we love and review each one. No negative things will be discussed about hair styling products, but we will let you know how we found them to work in different situations. Remember, so much goes into the creation of a hair styling product today, our goal is to just be honest. Something can be great for one person and not for another and we look at the reasons why.

Hair Sprays: Starting with the end in mind.
Hair spray is the absolute last step of the entire process, but one of the most fun hair styling products you can use. Everyone wants to know which sprays work and which do not. Here is a hint, they all work, but different ones have different goals so they perform accordingly.

Hair Gels: There are some incredible things you can do with gel!
This is where the gentlemen really need help, hair gel. Most hair gels are designed for keeping hair in place. Some manufacturers have gone as far as creating a rating system for the level of hold each hair gel has. We try to explain the difference between styling products. For the ladies, hair gel products are under used and with some current styles they can really be a lot of fun.

Volumizers: Who does not love big hair?
When we felt the need for some volume, the manufacturers of the world responded. Some with products that really targeted the results that mainstream was looking for, and some that are very particular to certain types of hair and looks.

Pomades: These things have really defined the last 15 years of hairdressing.
These products are just changing the word as we speak. I love them and they work awesomely when used properly. We will shed some light on our favorites and some tricks of the trade in how to use them and where to find them.