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Styling Secrets

Peter Anthony's styling secrets:

People have been asking me for these secrets forever, but they are really not secrets at all. Your hair stylist and colorist should have been telling you to do these simple little practices for years.

Challenge ONE:
Many of you have listened and have not changed what you are doing with your hairstyle and/or products (habits or style of doing your hair) for years so it does not support what you have or want. Listen to your stylist and let these guys help you. What you will find is an incredible wealth of knowledge. Professional hair stylists are incredible resources.

Challenge TWO:
Your stylist told you, but you did not listen because you thought they were trying to sell you something, which makes absolutely no sense! Would you question a Dr.'s prescription or alter the dosage, or add something else? When those things happen it is scary. If you take a look at the people waiting in line for the movies next time you go, SCARY!

Here is the truth, you need the right products in the right combination to get the right results. Then you need the right tools to use those products. What your hair really needs is your attention. Go through my steps to the perfect haircut and color. Learn to ask those questions that I laid out. I will talk about products not because I am getting paid, but because you need them, and not what smells great at the drug store or in the local super store. I get confused at drug stores myself and I have been doing this for 25 years. Here is an obvious plug for the people I worked with for so long, support them and get what they are recommending as long as they are doing it sincerely with a great explanation.