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Top 5 Straightening Irons to Use With a Brazilian Treatment

Brazilian Straighteners - Top Five

Want Straight Gorgeous-Looking Hair? Choose One Of These Top Five Straighteners And You’re Well On Your Way!

Most people know by now that the hair straightener, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, is possibly the very best there is. However, it’s not just a matter of applying the treatment to your hair and getting the results you want. You need a good straightening iron in order to achieve those perfect results. Following are five straightening irons that have been tried and tested, and found to be the top five straightening irons around.

Starting at number five on the list is the Helen of Troy. This is a small, inexpensive one-inch flat iron that is perfect for those on a tight budget. It does not burn the ends of your hair, and will leave your hair looking naturally soft and smooth. Great for all hair types as there are temperature settings so you can set it to suit your hair type.

The Jilbere de Paris Nano Silver came in at number four on the list of the top five. Also inexpensive, it too gives amazing results. It is an extremely smooth straightening iron that it not too bulky, and simply glides through the hair, leaving it smooth, silky, and absolutely beautiful.

Also a very popular straightening iron, number three on the list was the Chi. This is really an iron for those on the go as it is small and easily transported. They come in a great range of colors and patterns, heat up very quickly and cool down just as fast. Slightly more expensive than the previous two irons, you achieve the desired results with this iron - perfectly straight hair.

The top five straightening irons included the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth, which was number two on the list. It heats up in less than a minute, and after using will leave your hair perfectly straight, with a natural feel, and very easy to style. This iron has added features that make it more appealing. It utilizes static, and is supercharged with negative ions that greatly enhance your hair during the process. This great straightening iron is also relatively expensive and gives tremendous results.

Number one on the list of the top five straightening irons is the Sedu, and rightly so. This iron is highly recommended by stylists the world over for very good reason. This is really the top of the range iron - it works wonders on absolutely all hair types, and the results are always the same - stunning! Hair is left silky soft, smooth, shiny, plenty of volume, and perfectly straight.

The Sedu heats up quickly, is light, quick, and very easy to use. The plates simply glide over the hair with no breakage or snagging at all. To achieve these stunning results, all you do is spray some heat protection into your hair and get going. It takes on average about fifteen to twenty minutes to totally transform you hair and have you looking gorgeous.



Straight hair & semi formal dresses

Straight hairs look really great and shining. But i have just heard that if you make your hair straight on daily or weekly basis it damage the hair health. But having said this straight hair looks really good with semi formal dresses if you bought from formal dress shop.

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