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Top 5 Volumizers "Consumer and Professional"

Top 5 Volumizers "Consumer & Professional" Building the “Beehive”

Not all women have thick hair; in fact there are millions of women with incredibly, thin, dull or lifeless hair. There is no need to lament if you are one these women. Those genetically endowed with thick hair have issues of their own. Thin hair does not have to be a permanent condition; there are plenty of ways to pump up the volume and improve the form of your hair.
An easy way to create fullness and volume is by utilizing a volumizing product. These come in the form of shampoo, conditions, sprays and foams. Everyone hair different hair, so before choosing a volumizing product it is best to take the structure of your hair into account. For example, if you have extremely thin hair a Volumizing conditioner may not be for you. Why? Because Volumizing conditioners are often very heavy and thick, if you have very thin hair, a thick volumizier will end up weighing it down instead of pumping it up.
The volumizing conditioners work best for women or men have moderately thin hair. Very thin hair benefits more from volumizing sprays or foams. These types of Volumizers tend to be much more light weight than conditioners can even shampoos. When considering foams it is important to consider consistency and coverage. The foam should not be watery or running and a few pumps should be able to cover the entirety of medium length hair. Sprays should not be sticky, the coverage should also be sufficient for the entire head with only a few sprays.
Below are some highly rated volumizing shampoo, conditioners, sprays and foams. Each has cited for providing excellent lift to various hair types. Once you find your correct volumizier, you will be increase thickness, height and building your own beehive in no time at all.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray is a heat styling essential and blow-dry basic. Not just for fine hair. Bumble & bumble Thickening spray is a moderate hold setting spray that builds body and gives lift, control, and helps define curl. We have been using this product line since it came out literally. I still love it, just the right amount of volume and just the right amount of hold. It will make the top five list everytime.
Shear Miracles Organic Salon Products Mousse: Pump Up the Volume VEGAN
This versatile mousse maximizes your hair's volume while adding shine & radiance to the hair. It's also great for curls! We have tried this and really love it, I think it is a great addition and completely inline with a real organic approach to hair care. Not to be compared with chemical mousse, this airy, foaming styling aid adds volume & body to hair using the heat of the blow dryer. When used on curly or wavy hair & dried naturally or with the use of a diffuser, this product encourages curls to remain throughout the day.
“LiQWD” Volumizing Shampoo
LiQWD Volumizing Shampoo gives exceptional volume to thin, lifeless and dull hair. LiQWD uses a patented technology called Nano-Hydrasphere which coats the hairs cortex layer with compounds which create volume. Users experienced vastly improved volume, hydrated and silky smooth tresses. Reviews have given this product an outstanding rating for its sweet scent and creamy texture. Like all LiQWD this Volumizing shampoo is safe and will not fade your color. “LiQWD” is a professional product is priced accordingly at $28 for 350ml and $52 for 1000ml.
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost
Paul Mitchell is a well known brand, their product range on the higher end of the spectrum in the hair industry. It’s hard to forget their sophisticated looking print ads featuring gorgeous blondes and brunettes, relishing in their lustrous locks. It’s nice to know that these products actually deliver what they promise. This airy foam gives roots a huge boost, and even works overtime protecting strands from heat damage. The product works very well for those with incredibly thin hair. This extra body foam is moderately priced between 16-25 dollars respectively, in a large bottle that’s bound to last a few weeks.

Super Thick Volumizer by Kiehls
Kiehls super thickening spray provides lift and support to hair where needed, but specifically at the roots. We have watched this company really grow and become something very special. Their products are all first class and we love using them. This super thickening spray just sets the bar. With medium hold, this formula gives long-lasting volume and shape as it thickens the texture of the hair, while allowing hair to remain flexible. The special root-lifting applicator allows for direct application to hair roots where this volumizing formula is most effective. The superb blend of instantly-absorbed oils - derived from Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Soy Beans - further conditions and protects hair.