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Ten Tips to the Perfect Cut & Color

Ten tips to the Perfect cut and color, is there such a thing?

Finding the perfect cut and color should be easy. Here Let's talk about your hair and Peter Anthony team up to share with you our "Top Ten tips for the perfect Color and Cut". How incredible would it be if we were able to show up to a professional, and voila! Magicaly the perfect hair Color or Hair Cut appeared on our heads. We get not only what we wanted, but what was the best hair color for our skin tone or the best hair cut for our lifestyle and facial shape. Unfortunately that is not always how it works. What we have placed together are well constructed tips on how you can get any stylist or colorist to give you not only the hair color or cut you need, but what you really want. We invite our clients and stylists to join in the conversation and add their feelings and suggestions to each of the following ten pages below. We look forward to talking about the results.


Tip One: Reasonable expectations about your hairstyle.

Tip Two: Understanding your personal hair type.

Tip Three: Looking at the growth pattern of your hair.

Tip Four: Never dictate what you want the stylist to do!

Tip Five: Lets talk skin tones and hair coloring.

Tip Six: Do not forget lifestyle as it relates to your hair.

Tip Seven: The most important question your hairstylist must ask you.

Tip Eight: What are you currently using on your hair and why?

Tip Nine: Are you willing to be flexible about your hairstyle?

Tip Ten: Are you willing to put in time for your hairstyle?