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Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott Crative Director Cloud Nine
Daniel Scott

Artistic director for Cloud Nine Hair. Creating beauty has been his passion since he started his career over 20 years ago. Since then,  he has worked in all aspects of the hairdressing industry. He is an  award winning educator, hairdresser, manager and employee. He worked in Hollywood on photo shoots, runway fashion shows, teaching hair seminars and putting on hair shows.  Educating others drives him to learn more and improve his skills.

Daniel’s education started when he trained  at Vidal Sassoon. His first hair show was in 1988. He then joined Toni&Guy USA 1991 and within six months he became  a manager, art director and teacher. Known for his seminars and hair shows, Daniel loves sharing his creative gifts with others. Daniel added motivational management and recruiting seminars to his list of talents while at the same time managing 47 salons in 4 states.

In 1999, Daniel went to Hollywood and worked on the Emmy award winning television show Everyone Loves Raymond. After that, Daniel worked on a photo shoot with Miss Columbia 1999 and started his own Salon.

In 2003, Daniel left the United States for Sweden and opened Toni&Guy Gothenburg. Daniel continued his teaching, styling and artistic endeavors.  He won The International Men’s Raw Look of 2006 and  Swedish hairdresser of the year for 2007.

Daniel discovered Cloud 9 several years ago. Cloud 9 represents everything that Daniel  loves about the industry. It is well made, meets all of his creative demands, is easily used by all and is truly a step above the rest. Since his introduction to Cloud 9, Daniel has worked with the company to share these tools with the world. He is the International Artistic Director and has launched distribution of the product in Canada, Poland and the United States.