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Todays Hair Care for Children

Best Hair Care for Children & Babies

Learning to be a parent is hard enough without having to try to figure out how to wash them. Having four of our own and over a 25 year background in hair care initially I just picked up the best products I used on my own hair and thought that would be the best thing to use on my children. HOLD ON, I am a professional for crying out loud, but in our salons we never focused on children, just cool editorial hair. So my three girls and son Remington became victims of trial and error, I pray that they forgive me.

So We started researching the different types of products available and came across some that will get larger more in depth reviews in the very near future. Hot Tot needed to be brought to your attention NOW. Hot Tot Children's hair care is just cool. The first thing that caught our eye was the packaging (of course as former multi Salon Owner) it is just pretty and clean and feels great in our hands. The white and silver looks awesome and let's you know that you have chosen a quality hair care product for your child. Megan Gage, the founder developed the products with this in mind:

"I styled both my daughter and son’s hair from the day they were born but became concerned about the products I was using after reading an article on the effects of chemicals in personal care products on children. I explored the limited options on the market and was disappointed to learn that there wasn’t a line of styling products available that omitted harmful chemicals and smelled suitable for babies and children. I was not interested in having my son smell like some sort of tropical fruit, but rather I wanted to maintain that magical baby scent that only exists in the early years of life."

We started playing with the products a month ago, and again my children will need to forgive us on this but we went right to their hair. Spotless Tot their foam cleanser for hair and body worked great on Remington, he loved it and he smelled yummy (they say like a Cabbage Patch Kid but I never played with them) We followed the cleanser with the Sweet Pea Serum (just a tiny touch) and his curls looked great and his skin felt soft and not dried out. Big blessing was he did not cry either.

Alexis and Gianna both shared the Spotless Tot and then moved to the spray on Conditioner/Detangler it worked well and smelled great. We used a touch of the Sweet Pea Serum on both (we had to because if they do not get everything the other sister has it can get messy). For Gianna it enhanced her little baby curls (she is two) and her hair looked great and felt soft. For Alexis it controlled her fly away hair and placed a light polished look into her long straight hair. There is also a Finishing Mist which the girls love when we place their hair in braids, it seems to wash out easily as well.

Now my wife made me use the Structure Whip on my son to give him a faux hawk for the day (ahhh I hated it) but Remington loved the attention and again it smelled great and washed out easily.

Children's hair is so fragile and it is great to see the development of some high quality lines designed around their hair and skin types. What I love about the product is that it easily assimilates into any Salon without  competing with their primary lines. It simply sells itself, if that is possible.

We have heard rumors of a shampoo and conditioner coming out in late spring we will keep you abreast as I think that is a really important addition to an already amazing line. check this out at

Peter Anthony | Founder