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Black Hairstyles

Sexy and mysterious, ebony hair is not just for goth girls and dominatrixes. Gone are the days when black hair was considered too “hard” to be pretty. Babe-a-licious ladies like Megan Fox and Katy Perry rock black hair while still looking beautiful and feminine. Jet black tendrils can be just as versatile as any other color and if you want to stand out from the sea of other hues, black is the way to go. It takes a sassy woman to pull of this color and while it’s in the brunette family, it’s still rare and unique enough to give you an air of cool.

If you want to balance the hardness of a super inky hair color, make like a Fox and try a retro Veronica Lake hairstyle like the one Megan Fox wore to a movie premiere. This finger wave style is perfect for when you’ve got an extra special event to attend, like an anniversary or birthday. Old-school creations are always chic and never go out of style. Part your hair to one side and use a large round brush to blow dry your hair straight. Next use large hot rollers to roll your hair in the back. On the sides, roll your hair vertically to create the classic movie star waves. After the rollers have cooled off, remove them and use a brush to soften the curls and make them blend together. Add a dab of hair oil to smooth it out, a spritz of hairspray to hold it in place, and you’ll be va-va-voom!

Conversely, you can go bold with an avant-garde cut like Yeah Yeah Yeah’s singer Karen O. Don’t worry this is no Dorothy Hamill. This modern take on the bowl cut features a twist. A few longer strands sneak thru the back making the style perfect for any woman willing and ready to step out of the box. You’ll want to ask your stylist for a blunt bowl cut with bangs, leaving the back tendrils wispy and long. The key to this hair style is a straightening iron. Like many short hair cuts, precision is of utmost importance. After blow drying your hair, go over any missed spots with the iron. The last thing you want is a reenactment of little orphan Annie because your bowl cut went curly. This cut is not for the faint of heart, but if you have the confidence to pull this off, you’ll win the admiration of many.

Want to meet somewhere in the middle? Try a Cleopatra-inspired bob, like the one quirky Katy Perry has been known to sport. This sweet look can innocent or not-so innocent depending in what you wear with it. The blunt bangs and chin length bob is easy to style and doesn’t take too long to dry. Just make sure to visit your stylist frequently for trims so your hair always looks fresh! This is one look that’ll have em’ eating out of the palm of your hand.