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Bridal Hairstyles

The biggest, most amazing, magical day is finally here and you are ready to knock everyone’s socks off. Weddings are all about romance and love, so your hair should naturally reflect that: bringing out your innate beauty, and giving the groom just one more reason to slip that ring on your finger. This is one time where you will want to leave all the styling to the experts, unless you’re just going to pull a Britney and hightail it to Vegas.

The classic updo is anything but classic these days. From all styles like buns, rolls, and twists, (apparently fresh from the bakery), to a retro chignon, the options are endless! Gone are the days when bridal hair had to be stuffy and formal. For example, Jessica Simpson sports her wavy hair parted down the middle, rolled in the back and pinned for a look that is elegant yet modern. In another wavy haired look, Scarlett Johansson wears her hair teased at the roots for a slight poof and twisted into a simple knot.

Of course if your wedding is more befitting of the royal palace than your average nuptial ceremony, you might want something a wee bit more formal. A classic chignon with hair parted down the middle, like the one Jennifer Lopez sported back when she was still one half of “Bennifer” is a great option, as is a side swept one, à la Nicole Richie.

Still can’t decide which way to go? Try half up, half down. It’s like the chocolate/vanilla combo on a frozen yogurt machine. Angelina Jolie always does this best, teasing the top half of her hair and pulling it into a ponytail, while leaving the back down. With or without bangs, this look can make you feel like you have the best of both worlds.

Believe it or not, you can even try a ponytail. Yes, a ponytail! And not the kind you wear at the gym. Resident glamor puss Eva Longoria always makes heads turn, and her side ponytail look was no different. Heavy waves were styled into her bangs and her tresses were pulled back into a pretty, romantic, wavy low ponytail. Reese Witherspoon also surprised everyone with a 60’s style Barbie-like ponytail set high on her head and accented with a headband.

If you’re having a beach or a small backyard wedding, you’ll probably want something a little less fussy and a little more fun. Before she was busy getting DUIs, Lindsay Lohan used to walk the red carpet looking gorgeous. Her side parted hair is blown dry and then the bottom half curled leaving the curls defined and glossy. Jessica Alba takes it a step further with giant mass of soft romantic curls that start three-quarters of the way up. Her hair is parted in the middle, giving her style a more casual feel. And layers starting at the chin gives her hair a more voluminous look and an extra “oomph”.