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Curly Hairstyles

Who says curly cue hair has to be so difficult? In the olden days, the only way to handle with unruly curls was to just deal. But hello, it’s the 21st century! We’ve sent a man to the moon and invented Snuggies. There’s no reason you can’t learn to work your curls with the arsenal of tools at your disposal. Whether you have straight hair you’re trying to curl, wavy hair you’re trying to amp up, or naturally curly hair you want to tame down: there’s a solution for you. Curly hair can be wild and fun or soft and romantic, all depending on how you style it.

Naturally curly locks sometimes get a bad rap for being crazy like a runaway train, but with a little help from your stylist, you too can sport your natural locks without battling the elements or feeling like you have to straighten your hair to look presentable. The key is to get the right cut. If your hair is too short your coif could end up looking like a giant poofball. Too long and you could end up looking like an escapee from 1982. A seasoned stylist can assess your hair and guide you in the right direction, using layers to pump up the volume in the right spots or weigh it down in others.

Take Minnie Driver for example. With gorgeous exes like Matt Damon and Josh Brolin it’s no doubt she is definitely a head turner, curls and all. Her natural ringlets are tight corkscrews, but her tresses are hardly unruly. The long length weighs the curls down, while the layers add some shape. Adding an anti-frizz serum and/or hair cream before drying will help the curls stay smooth. If you decide to use a dryer, make sure to use a diffuser to keep the curls from getting fuzzy.

If your hair is more on the wavy and/or straight side or if you would rather style your curls, there are a number of different coifs you can try. Country sweetheart Taylor Swift loves to wear her natural curls perfectly defined, like a pre-Raphaelite goddess. First, add mousse to the roots to help hold the style. Scrunch hair dry, leaving a bit of moisture in the hair. Part hair to one side and use a medium barrel iron to carefully define each curl, stopping four to five inches from the root. Make sure every last hair is firmly clamped into the barrel with no flyaways. When you’re finished, pinch the ends with some wax to define them and voila, you’re done!

Short-haired ladies can sport the curly coif too. Another country superstar, Faith Hill, was spotted with the oh-so modern curly hair with straight ends. Graduated layers from the top to bottom kept the volume at her roots and her curls in check. You can easily achieve the same look by starting off with a dollop of mousse evenly distributed throughout your hair. Turn your head upside down, and scrunch hair dry with a diffuser, moving the dryer in a circular motion. Flip your head up when hair is 90% dry and let the rest dry naturally. Part hair in the middle and use a curling iron to fix any pieces that are not as curly as you would like. For the finishing touch, use a straightening iron on the ends.