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Mens Hairstyles

Boys, boys, boys. You might want to keep things low-key, but your hair is just important as the clothes you wear. After all, the best wardrobe in the world won’t make up for a lackluster do. But you don’t want to be high-maintenance about it. Your style should take you from work to weekend without much fuss in between. But there are tons of styles and products out there, which can make the whole process a little confusing. You don’t want to go all wild au naturel lumberjack, nor is a hardened shellacked coif particularly attractive. So what’s a guy to do? Here’s the 411.

Turn the pages of any fashion mag, and you’ll see the classic side part. Call it the Mad Men effect if you will. Celebs like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, (sometimes), and Anderson Cooper are classic, suave, and debonair with their old-school coifs. This kind of cut work pretty much on anyone, from a scruffy bearded hipster to a businessman. And it’s a definite do if you want all those office underlings at your beck and call, à la Don Draper. Use a pomade to achieve the look, but tread lightly! You’re not going for Pauly D. If you want a more relaxed look you can skip the gel and still do a side part like Hugh Jackman. Hair is a little looser but still just as cool. It’s professional enough for the office, but still laid back enough for the bar.

If that’s a little too classic for you, there’s always short on the sides and longer on the top. James Franco is the perfect example of this style. It’s a popular look and easy to style as long as you make sure to get the right cut. The best part of this style is its flexibility. It can be neat and clean 9-5, and slightly rougher on the weekends, to give you a more casual look for hitting the town.

For a more casual look, Johnny Depp bucks the trends and yet still looks incredibly gorgeous. His rebellious, carefree attitude is part of the appeal, but so are his long grungy locks. But don’t just grow your hair to emulate Mr. Depp. Long hair is all about attitude. So own your hair length and don’t let it own you. This sort of style is best if you work in an artistic environment, so make sure to heed the rules of the workplace. Try a molding cream or wax to keep your hair looking “piecey” and slightly disheveled, particularly if your hair is naturally straight.

Craving a little more edge? Take a cue from David Beckham. You may not be able to sport your high school punk band mohawk at the workplace, but you can try this spiky creation instead. Although it takes a little more effort to style, you don’t have to wash it as often. In fact, the coif holds better with a little bit of grease. Your best friend in this situation is a styling wax. Keep the sides closely cropped and use some wax to keep the sides pushed down. Then use a little on top to spike the hair up straight. Stay away from the heavy gel to avoid looking like a lost member of the Sex Pistols.