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Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair is kind of elusive; like the Loch Ness monster or Abominable Snowman. The fact that so few women have naturally pin-straight hair gives the style an aura of popular girl unattainability. Unlike curly or wavy hair, straight hair requires a meticulousness which is perfect for those detail-oriented types. One wave or curl that you missed while straightening, and the whole style will be off. But don’t be fooled, anyone can have straight hair with the right help! Sleek and chic, straight hair always gives the wearer an air of class and elegance. Unless you dye it purple. That’s a different story. Poker straight hair is also a great option for those with beautiful thick mane and a healthy dose of shine. So if you’re one of those lucky ladies, don’t rub it in. But keep reading.

We first met Jennifer Aniston back in the early nineties, when she introduced the world to her infamous “Rachel” hairdo on Friends. Since then, women everywhere have been emulating her style. While she no longer sports the chunky, piecey “Rachel” look, Jennifer’s latest haircut is still very popular and extremely wearable. Her signature mane is clean and fresh and is very fitting for the cute all-American girl-next-door type. Think classic; like a Calvin Klein dress. If friends describe you as perky and sweet, this could be a fantastic style for you. Ask your stylist for a few face-framing layers starting a couple inches below the chin. Apply a straightening cream while hair is still damp. Blow dry your hair straight using a large boar bristle brush, making sure to curve the ends under, emphasizing the layers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is everyone’s favorite reality sexpot, Kim Kardashian. Her dark mane is extra long, grazing the middle of her back, giving the hairstyle an added allure of sex appeal. You don’t want to go any shorter with this look or you’ll lose the sensuous effect. As always, layers are key! Make you get layers that start from the collar bone and move down. You don’t want to start them too high up, or your hair will be a little too “piecey”. To keep hair from looking too fluffy, dry hair with a paddle brush. Add a smoothing serum when you’re finished to keep it sleek.

If you’re more of a hipster kinda girl, you might want to channel something a little more low-key. Indie actress Zooey Deschanel is the poster child for offbeat beauty. If you consider yourself stylish, but not zany, or more of a vintage shopper than an off-the-rack girl, this is the look for you. Ask your hairstylist for a blunt bang that starts in the middle of your crown. Too many layers mixed with the blunt bang can look messy. Keep layers to a minimum, with just a few at the ends to keep it from becoming too bulky or weighty. When blow drying your hair, use a large boar bristle brush to dry hair curving the hair slightly under. When you’re finished with the back and sides, move to your bangs, making sure to not dry them too poofy or too flat. Now you’re ready to grab your guitar and hang out with the rest of the skinny-jean wearers.