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Arrojo Creme Wax Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Arrojo Creme Wax



Works Great

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good


Great Value

About the Company

To get the performance benefits right was a matter of testing and tweaking, tweaking and testing, over and over until we were sure the performance was perfect. Finally we found the pro-vitamin B5 complex matched all our expectations in terms of hair and scalp benefits, and it's this unique complex that now goes into all our products. We wanted a nice pleasant fragrance that wasn't too common but worked well with the product. Our fragrance journey went through fruity, berry and musky aromas, all custom designed for us. In the process we discovered having Arrojo signature fragrances would be fantastic for the product and fantastic for the brand. Once we were introduced to rhubarb, berry musk and lavender pear we immediately felt we'd found our key fragrances, the essence of Arrojo Product. After a few formula modifications we had our fragrances, and their quality matched that of the pro-vitamin B5 complex. When we started this long journey the commitment was to a simple, efficient product of the highest quality. And that commitment has dictated the ingredients, the fragrance and the packaging. After many modifications, sampling, testing, printing and re-design we finally have our product. It's been an exciting experience and to me, itís the ultimate perfect product!

What is it supposed to DO?

Creates contrast, movement, and separation.

How important is scent?

The scent is light and just ever so earthy. It certainly appeals to both sexes but leans towards men without interfering with their signature scent.

How does the product feel when you use it?

Firm in jar and just soft enough to come out of jar without a struggle. Warms up in palms easily and never felt to commanding. LOVE this as a Creme Wax.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

Packaging is great for the line as it feels very NYC with a flair that is undeniably New York. Understated and confident, just like the line.

Holding Power

Very strong yet pliable to touch.

We put it through the paces!

This was fun and easy because not only did the team tear it up and we LOVE short hair, BUT I got to use it personally and it is now a part of my collection as well. It warms up easily in the hands and was great to get going through my hair ... as well when we were working on short hair is was just as easy. The Creme Wax never really built up on our hands, this is a huge plus as the product easily moved from hands to head.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

Really warm this up and less is more, you can always add more Creme Wax so it is simple to find the right amount. Keep those hands nice and hot and work the style right into the hair, we found that it brought out the natural 'personality' of the hair and signature of the cut.

Products you will need to complete the experience

This could be a stand alone BUT I like the moisture shampoo with the Creme Wax. Although it was easy to wash out it never hurt to add a bit of moisture back into the hair and these two products worked well together. If you already have a shampoo then as a stand alone this is awesome. We also gave it a great rating because the Price Point is INCREDIBLE for the quality of the product.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

We love short hair, but I love when short hair and men's hair is taken seriously and not an after thought as it is for some product companies. NOT the case here, YOU KNOW they tested the heck out of the product because that is the only way they could have achieved this perfect consistency for a Creme Wax.... I love it | Peter Anthony