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Arrojo Hair Creme Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Arrojo Hair Creme



Works Great

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good


Great Value

About the Company

Really, the concept was simple: to create products that would be easy to understand - we want the consumer to be able to pick it up and know exactly what it does inside ten seconds and, as hairdressers working on the salon floor everyday, it had to match our own high expectations of product performance. We rigorously tested and refined each formula until we were completely happy. Previously Iíve assisted Aveda, KMS and Wella with their own product development, so it was great to put these experiences into Arrojo Product. As for the packaging design, I see it as a reflection of the Arrojo Brand ñ youthful, modern and direct with a fuss-free simplicity.

What is it supposed to DO?

Supremely gentle and light to smooth and polish your look. Versatile too, hair crème creates smoothness when you blow-dry in, or simply run through damp hair for a soft and sexy slept-in look.

How important is scent?

The scent is EXACTLY what we love, barely there. it is so light and simple it goes away fast and never competes with your designer fragrance.

How does the product feel when you use it?

The product feels great when you use it. It easily works onto your hands and then through the hair. It never dried out our hands and left them feeling good after several clients in a row.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

here is what we love about the Arrojo packaging and Arrojo hair creme specifically. SIMPLE, EASY, and CLEAN. It looks good in our cases, on our stations and in our bathroom and showers. The products are easy to recognize and not complicated at all.

Holding Power


We put it through the paces!

We loved playing with this and worked with it a lot. We worked it into damp hair on several different textures. it really helped with blow drying and styling. Gave us great control and enhanced our brush work (we used some of the Arrojo brushes we are reviewing as well). The creme is such a huge part of the drying process and made it so easy to work with the hair in order to get the clean polished look we are always looking for. We found it to work great on normal hair and really well on thicker curly hair. You can tell how much time went into designing the performance of the product because there was a amazing amount of control without the hair ever being difficult to get through the blow dry because of gumming up to quickly.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

We love the product and will stress these two findings: One, if your looking to dry the hair work it through hair that is a bit damper to really get a little bit of the product to spread through the hair before you start drying. Two, If you are looking to to let it dry into the hair then towel dry the hair a bit more to remove as much of the additional moisture as you can, then work in a good amount and diffuse or air dry (your preference, we tried both and prefer the air drying) This created that "super sexy" slept in look that was just hot. Hair was soft and pliable and had just the right amount of the 'next day just slept in look' that we love.

Products you will need to complete the experience

I think this is a great stand alone product and is not addressed in most lines so you could mix it into your collection without worrying. We tested this product with the Daily Shampoo and Daily conditioner (which we loved).

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

There are so many great products in the Arrojo line and it is so apparent that they have been tested and designed around the needs of both the clients and the stylist. I really like them and this is one of my favorites to work with personally.


What I've been searching for!

Hair cream is the essential last touch for my beachy wave look! Helps separate the waves with the absolute perfect amount of texture. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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