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Healium aiHr Whipp Mousse Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

Healium aiHr Whipp Mousse



Works Great

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good



About the Company

Healthy hair and scalp is the blueprint that each HEALIUM product has been born from. By combining formulations from one of the finest professional hair care chemists, along with ingredient consultation from a renowned medicinal doctor specializing in botanical benefits, we have developed a cleaner, lighter and healthier alternative in working hair care products. Healium 5 professional products, with UV sunscreen protectors, provide the finest prescriptive hair care available. To round off the experience, super clean light fragrances finish a collection of products that perform with both extraordinary results and with a healthy twist.

What is it supposed to DO?

aiHr Whipp Mousse : Super clean volume and texture marry UV shields for color protection in this affordable firm hold mousse. Virtually weightless and water soluble, this humidity resistant mousse is ideal for all hair types with no flaking, dusting, or dryness. Linseed oil enhances shine and wheat germ for strength, while providing a fresh, clean scent.

How important is scent?

The scent is just simple fresh, clean and it easily dissipates after working with it.

How does the product feel when you use it?

I love that Mousse is finding its way back. When you apply it into your hands it feels so rich and luxurious, like an really great shave cream.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

Healium has place a lot of emphasis on their superior packaging and it is apparent here again. Clean colors and a great top, easy to read directions and perfect dispensing.

Holding Power

Holding is at a perfect medium.

We put it through the paces!

Our team loves Mousse again and "aiHr Whipp"; is the BOMB BABY. Gets through the hair easily without building up and allowed just enough time to dry with tools without getting sticky and super tacky.

We actually used this as a setting tool and fell in love. Working on some amazing retro styles with a strong homage to current Hipsters we needed something that would let us set the hair lightly damp and then work just parts of the hair with dryers and brushes. Healium aiHr Whipp Mousse got right out to the front of the line in performance.

Just leaving it in the hair slightly damp and working with the Cloud Nine "O" we wrapped everything neatly and cleanly and let the aiHr Whipp and the "O" do their magic.

That really took things up a notch, great curl formation and super hold for the combing and the setting that came next. LOVED it.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

We played with aiHr Whipp and placed it into some great naturally curly hair with a bit of a cocktail using the Reflective Mist while we worked our hands through the hair. Great soft results with this cocktail. Hit the ends with out brushe and we were off to the races.

Products you will need to complete the experience

Like many styling products this is a stand alone.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

We love this Mousse, we love that a company has come out with a new formula and improved upon a product that has grace the market place for some time. This is easily a new category for Mousse and Healium should be quite proud of their achievement.