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The O by Cloud Nine Hair USA Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

The O



Kick's Ass

Condition of Hair: 


Length of Cord

Greater then 6 Ft


Nylon Bristle



About the Company

Cloud Nine, brainchild of Robert Powls, a highly regarded stylist in the UK and creator of the industry standard styling tools across Europe. Powls, in his insatiable drive to always improve his craft has created a superior line of hair tools in Cloud Nine. Upon winning the British Hairdressing Awards 2011 Innovation of the Year for The O hot roller system, Powls said, "I've had more or less every job in hairdressing from shampoo boy to this and I feel very humbled."
Cloud Nine's acclaim include's Harper's Bazaar Hot 100- Best Appliance, Appliance Magazine's Excellence in Design Award, Winner of the 2012 Hair Awards for Curling Tongs, and more! It has also been touted by Kate Moss, Kelly Rowland, & graced the hair of Kate Middleton- Duchess of Cambridge for her Royal Wedding.

What is it supposed to DO?

The first of its kind to use heat induction technology. Simply pop your selected roller into the pod and it'll be ready to use in less than four seconds. The added bonus is the Pod is never hot, only the roller will be heat injected, so no burning yourself on those old metal heating rods trying to get a roller out of your set!

How does the product feel when you use it?

First this product feels amazing and works the same way. Every aspect of the product is tight and well constructed.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

Details show through in the products. The O is like getting a gift along the same line as a Bottle of Dom Perignon or a Tiffany box that we all love. Packed tightly and securely so you can easily place everything back in for storage or travel. You will not want to part with the packaging.

We put it through the paces!

WOW. I said it, Wow.... this is perhaps the most prolithic achievent in the hair industry that is consumer available. We put this to the test and NO only did it pass but the O outpaced our session stylists, yeah it outpaced them.

They told us that it would consistently heat up each roller in 4 seconds, just drop it in, wait for the light pull it out and use it. YEAH it worked. We could not place the rollers in the hair fast enough. SO we went All OUT backstage session and worked on three people with one O at the same time. Amazing, two stylists working off one O on three people and it outpaced us AGAIN. EVERY roller was hot and gripped the hair easily. In many cases we did not even look to use the clips.

Here is something else that was really cool. If we ran out of a roller size it only took four seconds to reheat it and place it somewhere else.... your kidding right ? Where was this when we were doing NYC runway?

Here is our prediction. EVERY session stylist in the world will have this in their tool case period AND every woman who is looking for soft curls and that incredible tousled look that ONLY hot rollers create will NEED this product and it will be on the "MUST HAVE GIFT LIST".

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

We loved this so much beause we were able to do things we never could with conventional hot rollers. Because it heatS the rollers up so fast and there are indicator lights on the rollers letting you know when they are the right temperature AND when the hair is complete we just went wild styling.

GONE are the days of having three ugly units set up to do one head of hair, one bride and waiting forever for the rollers to get hot.

We used alternating rollers all rolled onto the base of the hair for multi-size natural looking waves. Daniel Scott, Cloud Nine's International Creative Director was brilliant in sharing some amazing tricks and we really suggest just watching the videos to learn as much as you can.

Products you will need to complete the experience

The rollers work great and we added 12 extra to our travel set. If you have lots of hair then 18 extra rollers and clips is not a must but certainly nice.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

If you can then you must. This is a must have period for today's looks and tomorrow's dreams.


The O and all the other tools!

First of all, I have used just about every tool on the market, each with some type of fault or another. Uneven plates, durability, size, product sticking, hard edges, heat issues, temperature adjustments , venting, and being able to complete the tasks when I needed the tool to be an all around useful solution. I was skeptical when I was first introduced to CloudNine, but only for the first 30 seconds. These tools resolve all the issues I could have addressed at any point in time. I have discarded all my other tools for the first time into a box at home thinking to myself the waste of money, when I certainly could have bought an extra set of these tools. One set to travel with and another to leave at my Station. You will not find a better professional product in my opinion. I have a wonderful Bridal Clientele, color , and Long hair styling clientele through which I am honestly confident that I would never need another styling tool to accomplish what I need when it comes to styling. These tools are the BOMB DOT COM, THEY ROCK MY STYLES. - J Byron Robeson

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