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The Original Cloud Nine Wand Review

Peter Anthony Product Review

The Original Wand by Cloud Nine



Works Great

Condition of Hair: 

Very Good

Length of Cord

Greater then 6 Ft

Handle Construction

The wand is amazingly well made, certainly one of the best tools we have worked with. Secure handle construction, well made and stays cool.

Handle Fit and Feel

The fit and feel of the handle is very well designed. The recessed buttons and easy read temperature gauge are all integrated and accessible WITHOUT ever being in your way. The one touch temperature control was perfect for changing settings while styling. We also loved the swivel cord which never got in our way and never tangled.



About the Company

At Cloud 9, creativity and technology fuel our passion to be the best. Recognizing that today's perfection is tomorrow's average we continuously strive to develop the best products. Cloud Nine was started to simply design a better iron. Through hard work and the latest technology, Cloud 9 created a styling tool that makes all other irons simply average. Cloud 9's Iron is a multifunctional tool that meets the ever changing creative demands of stylists, instantly performing whatever the stylist dreams possible.

What is it supposed to DO?

One-touch temperature control: With a range of 7 different temperature settings from approximately 210 degrees to 420 degrees you can choose the temperature to suit your style and your hair. The one-touch temperature control lets you change the heat setting easily, and with the clear LED display you'll always know what level of heat you're applying to your hair. Ceramic-coated barrel: The smooth and glossy black finish on our ceramic plates contain a special mix of mineral based ingredients that takes 3 days to bake onto the surface. This time consuming process provides our tools with an incomparable ability to add shine, reduce frizz, reduce static and to give your hair a more luxurious feel. Swivel-cord: Cloud Nine's unique ball style swivel cord lets you enjoy incredible freedom of movement when hair styling allowing you to create something wonderful. The cord will simply swivel around on the base. Protective heat-guard: The protective heat guard clasps neatly over your Wand barrel allowing you to leave them to cool down safely. The cover also has a vent to allow airflow over the plates for a quicker cool down time. Hibernation mode: The hibernation mode delivers intelligent sleep technology that automatically kicks in when the irons have been switched on but not used for 30 minutes. When the irons go into hibernation mode they will cool down fully. Identification chip: Each Cloud Nine iron/wand is fitted with its own RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip containing its own unique ID number. This means we can track your iron/wand and monitor it throughout its working life to ensure it's a genuine product only sold through authorized Cloud Nine providers.

How does the product feel when you use it?

Because of the incredible technology used in the plating and temperature controls of the Wand your hair "feels" amazing when your done.

How does the packaging look and hold up?

Details show through in the products. The O is like getting a gift along the same line as a Bottle of Dom Perignon or a Tiffany box we all love. Packed tightly and securely and you can easily place everything back in for storage or travel. You will not want to part with the packaging.

Holding Power

Whatever you are creating with the Wand it will hold.

We put it through the paces!

We love the WAND, amazing and we just kept doing more and more and more hair. I would love to share everything it can do BUT we have not even fully discovered all of its potential.
OK here we need to tell you all the things we love and some of the things you will need to be careful with. We have the"Wand" listed as a professional product. This is because of the size, we have the "Micro Wand" listed as a professional/consumer. Its smaller size allows the consumer more control. With the open barrel this control is very important.
Using the glove seems nerdy BUT we will tell you it is a must. Start on a medium heat as it distributes heat evenly and quickly medium on this gets better results then high on other similar products.
For stylists this is a must have session product that will encourage creativity and sexy soft open curls or waves.
We tested this on several back to back models as if we were preparing a wedding party. Fast and attention to detail. We finished the first group AHEAD of schedule and better looks then with other similar products we have tested.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!

Daniel Scott walked me through this personally in Houston. We played with some different techniques. Starting from thicker portion of the wand and closer to the head allowed us to create a nice tight bottom with a sexy wavy top that worked really well with "Ombre" color technique.
Changing up and giving the bottom some lose waves and elongating the wrap as we moved towards the top of the head and a soft sultry look was let loose.
We kept wrapping tight, loose, on long curly hair it softened it immediately and it lasted. As we were doing some up do and creative styling it was really fast and very easy to ad varying types of curl to whatever we wanted. This is just plain fun and cool.

Products you will need to complete the experience

We loved using Kalea Alloy Seal, Smooth & Shine and Schwarzkopf's Flatliner, Then we hit everything Kenra's Super Hold hair Spray or Healium 5 aihr (that is how it is spelled) Hair Spray (one of our new favorites soon to be reviewed). They were used super sparingly while creating the curls and waves and the spray just locked everything in when we were done.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product

If you are really looking to create sexy styles whether you have curly hair or fine straight hair the Wand is going to get you there. The micro wand is another must have for any consumer. Really well made and very easy to use (honestly it is just the right size to control on your own.) The larger Wand is awesome for professional stylist who are just taking their creativity to the next level. It gives your clients SO many style choices it now has to be a part of your tool collection.


CloudNine Tools

First of all, I have used just about every tool on the market, each with some type of fault or another. Uneven plates, durability, size, product sticking, hard edges, heat issues, temperature adjustments , venting, and being able to complete the tasks when I needed the tool to be an all around useful solution. I was skeptical when I was first introduced to CloudNine, but only for the first 30 seconds. These tools resolve all the issues I could have addressed at any point in time. I have discarded all my other tools for the first time into a box at home thinking to myself the waste of money, when I certainly could have bought an extra set of these tools. One set to travel with and another to leave at my Station. You will not find a better professional product in my opinion. I have a wonderful Bridal Clientele, color , and Long hair styling clientele through which I am honestly confident that I would never need another styling tool to accomplish what I need when it comes to styling. These tools are the BOMB DOT COM, THEY ROCK MY STYLES. - J Byron Robeson

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