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Sam Bracoto

Sam Bracoto

With a career that spans three decades, Sam Brocato may just be the hardest working hair stylist and product developer in the beauty industry. With a long list of honors, from "World Top Fashion Hairstylist" and "Editorial Stylist of the Year" to being inducted into the Hairdresser Hall of Fame in London and receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the North American Hairstyling Awards, Sam has received more than his share of industry accolades. But for Sam, it's all about one simple thing - great hair.

Sam's hair design philosophy is the guiding principle at Sam Brocato Salon, his New York City home. He focuses on hair health and continually improving the technology and craft of creating and maintaining great hair. His salon uses healthy, non-toxic treatments for hair, nails and skin, all of which he tests independently for formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients. The salon also uses Sam's line of paraben- and sulfate-free hair care products, Brocato, which offer healthy at-home solutions for all hair types.

A native of Louisiana, Sam blends Southern hospitality with Soho chic at Sam Brocato Salon, which has been named one of New York City's best salons by New York Magazine. The newly renovated loft-style industrial space is staffed by artistic, established and celebrated professionals who treat each client as if they were a part of the Brocato family, offering the finest caliber of services and treatments. The salon raises the bar on shampoo services in the city by offering first class seating as well as custom-blended treatments, and a Made Fresh Daily Bar, where seasonal treatments are whipped up using whole, fresh ingredients.

Extremely knowledgeable in the area of haircare science and chemistry, Sam spends much of his time experimenting with new formulations for his professional product line, Brocato, as well as for professional, in-salon treatments from hair color to straightening. Sam is a vocal critic of formaldehyde-laden straightening formulas, which is why he pioneered his own non-toxic, formaldehyde-free smoothing system, Curlinterrupted. Curlinterrupted is hugely popular in New York City, as well as hundreds of other salons around the world that offer the treatment.

Sam also continues to be a tireless educator, holding regular academies at the salon and traveling the country to offer his insights and expertise to students, professionals and industry groups alike.

Sam lives in Manhattan with his wife Holly and their two sons -- all of whom can be found along with Sam working at the salon and caring for his New York City clientele. Before relocating to New York, Sam and his family lived in their home state of Louisiana where Sam opened his very first salon in 1976.