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Top Ten Hints for New Stylists

Best advice I ever recieved:

Just go for it! Crazy I know because we hear it so much that it really never seems to register, but that is the best advice I ever recieved, "JUST GO FOR IT!". Nothing spititually moving beyond that, because that is where it starts, the decision to go for IT! Your IT whatever your IT is, you need it and you need to take action NOW!

I would love to tell you the top five books that made a difference, you may know them and you may have already placed them on your list. Yours might even be different, the question is not what books, the question is did you apply what you read consistantly enough to make a difference?

I thought I would save you some time reading and justlet you get to it by posting what I think will make a difference in EVERY business owners or professionals LIFE! Peter Anthony's Top Ten List... at least for today. In one form or another these will all reappear on my updated lists with a few additions. But you just cannot beat GO FOR IT!

Go for it with everything you have, your money, passion, your energy and endurance... forsake dignity at times and keep pushing until you are satisfied that you have given all there is to give and then gone further, and there is always something left in the tank when you are on a quest that feeds your soul. There is always more left to give when what you do defines you!

Never Stop, Never Quit, NEVER GIVE UP...

You owe it to yourself to know how far your really willing to go, it will define you.

Peter Anthony | Founder | Hairdresser for life!