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Arlene Javette Torruella

Arlene Torruella

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Derry RD
Hudson, New Hampshire 03051

My Story

This area is designed to allow the clients coming into the site a space to get to know you. Of course they would love to read your bio, but what they are really looking for is to learn more about why you do what you do. Share with them a story about what made you fall in love with doing hair/makeup/color/esthetics/owning a salon. People REMEMBER STORIES but they forget bios. We are allowing 1000 characters to be used in this space. This needs to be plain text, NO HTML can be used. No profanities will be tolerated on the site and we will remove ANYTHING that casts negativity in any direction. This is a place to share your art with the world. Be clear. We created this site because after 25 years of styling and owning salons, with over a million haircuts coming through, we have a pretty good idea that people want to feel connected before they get to the door. Make sure you let them know who to ask for by name, it will make them feel great!

My Passions

Here is the place to talk directly about your interests in the industry. What are you passionate about? Be specific. Do you love to cut hair? Are you passionate about color? We are allowing 400 characters in this space for you to share what you are interested in. Everyone loves someone who is PASSIONATE about what they do.


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